Earn A Passive Income By Copy Trading QL Capital’s Account With IronFX, An FSB Regulated Online Trading Broker.

Make 10-15% Every Month Safely & Consistently
Without Even Knowing How To Trade!

Earn between 10-15% monthly return when you allow Quantum Leap Capital (a registered business in Pretoria South Africa) to trade your MT4 based online trading account from IronFx (an FSB regulated company).

Copy Trading Forex With QLC

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More information on the copy trading service and step by step instructions on how to start investing and earning.


Monthly Returns


Safe Investment

While all CFD products come with stringent warnings that your capital is at risk, leverage products are not for everyone and that you should only trade with money that you can afford to lose and not that you might have used for your expenses or children’s education fund, choosing to allow Quantum Leap Capital to copy trade your account is a safe way of earning money from the forex market.

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Latest Copy Trading Updates

The latest trades and results from the copytrading account.

Proof of Account

On MyFxBook.

Quantum Leap Capital Copy Trading Update

QLC have been experiencing issues with their VPSs (Virtual Private Server) service provider the past week and so minimal trades have been made. Other than the Greek issue the International markets have been facing affecting trading activity tremendously as their focus... read more

Latest Forex News and Technical Analysis

The important technical analysis, fundamental news from market movers that you need to be aware of as well as price actions strategies eliott waves for active traders.

Essential insights for serious traders or you could just try this easy way of making money from the markets.

My Latest Trades

I’m still a beginner trader, I decided to document my own trades here on the blog to help me and other new traders grow and learn from these trades.

“They” (I love them) say it takes about 5 years to become a professional trader and until then, I’m also earning from copytrading. I love this market.

Shorting NZDUSD on a retrace to the 21 day ema

We’re grateful to have a trending market like this one, the NZDUSD to learn trading profitably because this market faithful to the downtrend at almost every opportunity it get’s to retrace to the 8 or 21 day ema. In this post I document taking a blind entry at 0.66070 with SL: 0.67219 and TP: 0.63247 for slightly over 2R.

read more

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