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These days I blog mostly about Forex Trading as I’m a newbie trader having started trading a live account in August 2014.

I help other newbie traders find their way around and to trade safely in the beginning.

These brokers are partners and this article started my journey so long ago.

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My other topics of interests span from Kahuna Massage, a healing modality that I’ve practiced for the last 12 or 15 years, its an art and a craft. After this much time practicing the craft I feel time to practice the art now to Bitcoin, a decentralised crypto-currency that’s disrupting the financial industry and, as previously alluded to, Affiliate Marketing, the one I’m focusing mostly are these selling gold affiliate programs. or how to make money online, which my primary reason creating this online persona.

My most pressing need at present is to get some ranking mojo to this article I wrote on seo in South Africa as I’m needing some employment to reach my goals.

I research and write blog posts about these and other subjects that pique my interest. I have a few affiliate offers that I write about for search engine traffic and some adsense dedicated post that I’m monetising anf you may encounter while browsing through the site.

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