How to Get 1000 Visitors to your site in 1 Day

In this post I show how I got over a 1000 page views on my post in one of my niche sites writing about Forex and currency.

Its easy really if you think of it.

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Pick a topic that the internet is crazy about. I chose BitCoin. Write as much as you can about it, subscribe to Google Alerts to get the latest news articles published online. Write an article about the article, and link to it very prominently, I usually do so in the first paragraph.

Make the article personal. talk to the reader in your own voice. Inform, instruct, converse and help people get what they want. Ask for sharing, and provide social sharing tools to ease the spread of your article virally.

Image representing Google Alerts as depicted i...

My Secret?

I happened to start sharing links to Reddit, and one of them just totally took off like a crazy fountain. It’s not surprising really, Reddit, being the forerunners of BitCoin online, have an active and thriving community of avid BitCoin enthusiast, and they kept a lively conversation going.

I think I hit upon on little gold-mine, for vanity inducing visitors. Lots of traffic of internet eyeballs. Not customers at any rate, but I have a feeling this is going to help the SEO long term. These past two days have really pinged Google’s Analytics, haha sorry (personal joke)

The bitcoin logo

Anyway, my next step is to tweak the design of the site to capture more leads. I’ve been working with WordPress Social Login and looking into the possibilities of this as a lead capture site

But now its your turn to contribute. How do you get traffic to your sites?

In my related articles below, I must caution; do as I say, not as I do, for I copy/pasted all of the affiliate mailers, and converted them into blog post. So they read really defunct of an authentic soul.

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  • Help Me Reach 1000 Page Views and get a FREE eBook( 
    Hello Everyone, I was looking over my stats tonight and I realized two things. 1. I have been getting readers from India and Brazil – so hello to my new international friends, thanks for reading and, 2. I am only 178 “page views” away from 1000 total views since I moved PADAG over to back in May.


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