How to accept Bitcoin on WooCommerce Using Coinbase

So you want to make it easy for people to pay you in bitcoin. That’s very cool, but before you go on, I want to introduce you to a really cool website that allows you to earn a sizeable passive income from mining and arbitrage trading bitcoin. I got access to an ebook which explains everything in detail. Get it here.

I’ve recently moved from using Bitpay to Coinbase for my Bitcoin payment processing. I want to try out their withdraw to bitcoin wallet method instead of BitPay’s bank account. I’d like to keep a portion of my earning in BTC instead of converting it to fiat immediately.

So the essential links are: for which you’ll need a account and complete the

  • 5 Ways Bitcoin is Changing the Face of Online Payments( Bitcoin has taken the world by storm. People are quickly starting to realize how the digital currency could play an important role in their lives. Here are five ways that Bitcoin is changing the way we use money in our day to day lives. Bitcoin Gambling Bitcoin casinos has quickly risen in popularity, and for good reason.

  • Americans Can Now Use snapCard To Buy Anything Online With Bitcoins( Watch their video here for a very simple guide on how to use snapCard at your favorite online retailer. You have the option of allowing automatic payment through your Coinbase account, or by generating an invoice that must be paid within 10 minutes. Onto my experience! I placed an order for this HDD bracket on Newegg.

  • Coinbase to Waive All Fees on 11/29/13 in Support of Bitcoin Black Friday( As a proud sponsor of Bitcoin Black Friday, we’re happy to announce that Coinbase will waive all fees on Friday, November 29th. Coinbase users can buy, sell, send and receive bitcoins for free, all day long. If you’re interested in learning more about Bitcoin Black Friday, check it out here. It’s a great event that brings the entire bitcoin…

  • How to Buy a Bitcoin( November 17, 2013 | Comments (0) Bitcoin’s meteoric rise is like something that few have seen in their lives, if ever. Just a few years ago, it was a tiny community interested in a new way to send money online. That tightly woven, tech-savvy community has grown tremendously. Along with it, the digital currency has surged in value.

  • How to Buy Bitcoin – mm( by mark As someone who recently purchased Bitcoin and two other crypto currencies using three different methods, I thought I’d share how to buy Bitcoin because I know there’s precious little information out there: Coinbase: The easiest way I found without leaving your computer is to sign into and add your bank account.

  • BitPay Sees 6,260% Increase in Bitcoin Black Friday Sales( Payment processor BitPay recorded a record number of transactions during the ‘Bitcoin Black Friday’ event on 29th November, accounting for 6% of all bitcoin transactions on the day, according to an announcement from the company. “[The bitcoin economy] is soaring … as merchants are seeing tremendous value in accepting bitcoin payments,” said…

  • New Coinbase Users Can Now Acquire their First Bitcoin in 10 Minutes or Less( Part of our goal at Coinbase is to make acquiring Bitcoin as easy as possible. Since August, we’ve had an instant-buy feature available to users who have made a purchase and been with us for 30 days. Starting today, all new Coinbase users can acquire a small amount of bitcoin (just 1) without the 30-day wait period provided they meet the rest of…

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