Bitcoin Baba

My friends gave me the nickname this weekend, Bitcoin Baba and I liked it so much I decided to brand myself with that moniker.

Mixing the teachings of freedom and liberation of consciousness, the ultimate freedom with crypto0currencies and the value that they’re bringing to society.

Lucky enough the dotcom version of the domain bitcoinbaba was available so I’m hoping there’ll be some ripoffs too with the other tlds

  • What is Bitcoin The Basics of Bitcoin( I found this bitcoin video with a simple and elegant explanation of what bitcoin is and what it does. The creator’s bitcoin wallet address is below so please donate if you found it worthwhile. Published on Dec 17, 2013 This bitcoin animation tells you the basics of bitcoin and why we think it’s such an important innovation! Our address:…

  • Libertarians And Millennials Are Going Crazy Over Bitcoin: What Are They? – Forbes( Get the BitCoin Robot and trade the BTC automatically Related Forex Trading Robot Videos Is Going To Accept Bitcoin In 2014 – Forbes Times of Is Going To Accept Bitcoin In 2014ForbesWhat makes Bitcoin unique is that it is not backed by any government or central bank.

  • Get Ready Overstock, Here Come The Bitcoin Bean Counters( just turned heads with the news that it will start accepting Bitcoin next year. The first major online retailer to take this step, Overstock’s decision is huge for Bitcoin as other retailers are expected to follow suit. (Not to mention it is a most welcome and timely change of conversation after the pounding the currency took at the hands of the…

  • Bloomberg anchor gets Bitcoin on live TV and is promptly robbed by a viewer( A business news anchor who was given a Bitcoin certificate on air was promptly robbed after he briefly displayed the digital currency. Bloomberg TV anchor Matt Miller gave two colleagues, Adam Johnson and Trish Regan, $20 in digital currency in a “12 Days of Bitcoin” segment. But Johnson unwittingly displayed the digital QR code for his money to…

  • Crazy Hacker Wants To Save Bitcoin By Blasting A CubeSat Into Space( Jeff Garzik is a dreamer. You know, the kind of guy who probably thought that he could fly with his red cape when he was younger. (Note: As a toddler, I unsuccessfully tried to fly several times.) But now Jeff Garzik is looking higher. He’s looking to space, and he wants Bitcoin to live there. More “

  • To Accept Bitcoin by Mid 2014( to Accept Bitcoin in mid 2014 Bitcoin to be accepted at “Overstock plans to begin accepting Bitcoin near the end of the second quarter of 2014. Byrne said the move stems partly from his background in the Austrian School of economics, which is associated with the Libertarian party in the United States.

  • BitPhantom – Bitcoin Mining Hardware Visualisation PT01( Bitcoin Mining Hardware – BigPhantom is a Bitcoin mining hardware concept designed to mine Bitcoin that convert into £ $ €. The design features modular segments which can be both split and upgraded allowing for maximum performance and cost effectiveness.

  • Bitcoins for Nkandla( So soon after the public acknowledgement of Madiba’s sacrifice for his people, his passing over in the greatest transaction of our existence on this planet, when consciousness returns to its source, the democratically elected security cluster of ministers of the nation release their report into the upgrades on the personal residence of the…

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