Bitcoin Trading Hangouts on Air

Bitcoin Hangouts on Air

I hangout on google plus more often these days and I’m beginning to enjoy them more each day.

Here’s a few of the latest ones

Talking about #bitcoins

In conversation with Sonya Kuhnel of Bitcoin Payments


Interviewing Rob Wilson of Bitscan

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You can also read some of the related articles below and find some of the other tutorials I wrote at:

Related articles Coinsetter is the only platform that offers millisecond trading and the liquidity of multiple exchanges on your trades Bitcoin. In short, we offer more reliability than any other platform on the market. We make it easy to trade effectively.


  • How To Make Money Day Trading the BitCoin Market( This is a quick video to test interest if people want to join in on the BitCoin Trading Google Hangouts on Air. Please watch this video, get yourself some BitCoins, open an account on and join me in trading the BitCoin market. You can get the price chart of the market we’re trading at http://bitcoinity.

  • BitCoin Trading with Here’s what you need to do. Open an account on and fund it. Have a look at the orderbook. Watch the candlestick charts at BitWisdom Watch the line chart at BitCoinity Make money and enjoy. Here’s the video I recorded on the Google…

  • Bitcoin Trading Profits( I’ve discovered a way to earn $100 a day from the Bitcoin market. Trading the crypto-currency on the BitFinex platform using the candlestick charts provided by BitcoinWisdom and the line charts at BitCoinity to a lesser degree. Its been 2 successive days of $100 and my mission is to develop a training program to teach others how to do the same.

  • How to read the Bitcoin Charts( Its easy to read the bitcoin price charts and make a trading decision based on the information that the chart provides you. As you can see from the latest Mt. Gox price chart Bitcoin had a crazy two days, peaking at $900 before crashing down to what its currently trading at $553. Like this? Donate Bitcoin to Haroun Kola…

  • Using Stochastic RSI for Low Risk Bitcoin Trading( Using the indicators for trading BitCoin can help you be aware of when the The Stochastic RSI indicator has been providing low risk entry points for traders or investors looking to buy bitcoin. Since June 2013 the StochRSI oscillator has trended into oversold (less than 20%) a total of nine times. With the exception of the signal back in June 2013…

  • Bitcoin may be let loose now Silk Road has been shut down( Bitcoin may be let loose now Silk Road has been shut downNew Statesman That’s the trading chart for the past month on Mt Gox, the world’s largest Bitcoin trading exchange. That big spike is the market reacting to the news of Ulbricht’s … See all stories on this topic ” The Fiscal Times Crowdcurity brings crowdsourced hacker testing to…

  • Sunday Morning BitCoin Market Crash( The Bitcoin market crashed today from its lofty highs of touching $400 (on Mt. Gox) and all hell broke loose in my world. I was in a very large trade and I’m currently down about $180 in the market. A good lesson for me to practice and trade with a Stop Loss and limit my downside. How are you doing in your own trading? How To Make Money Day…

  • Bitcoin – Overview by the Khan Academy( An introduction to the mechanics of bitcoins and an overview of how transactions take place. Video by Zulfikar Ramzan. Zulfikar Ramzan is a world-leading expert in computer security and cryptography and is currently the Chief Scientist at Sourcefire. He received his Ph.D. in computer science from MIT.

  • A first look at AVAtrade’s Bitcoin Trading Platform( I’ve decided to go with AVAtrade’s bitcoin trading platform and in this video I show you my first impressions of the platform. Here I place a buy limit at $905, while the price is still at 915. I have a hunch that’s a good price point to get int the market. AvaTrade is extremely popular among the European traders for various rich features and…

  • AVAtrade Bitcoin Trading updates and new customer bonus for 2014( Bitcoin traders on the AVAtrade platform will see an increase in available margin for both Bitcoin Mini and Bitcoin Weekly CFDs. Instrument Trading Hours Leverage/Margin Minimum Nominal Trade Size Expiration BITCOIN Mini 24 hours, Mon-Fri 2:1 (50%) 0.1 Bitcoin Position held open over weekend. No weekend trading BITCOIN Weekly 24 hours, Mon-Fri…

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