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This code has been my salvation in affiliate marketing and why not. Content created managed to take advantage of the “first to market” on the search engines and social media. As far as I can tell, I’m competing with two exact match domain sites, my own page here on this site and my YouTube video (which has in excess of 500 views so far) when I first decided to use Hangouts on Air as a video creation tool.

So with the new category structure of the site, I thought I’d try to rank this post using the power of personal connection, friendly friends and the power of the internet.

If you’re reading this you’re probably coming here from a google or other search engine (looking for said code), one of my facebook friends (forced here by one of my status updates), or a twitter follower or perhaps another bitcoin blogger looking for a link.

If you’re just signing up and trading with bitfinex, are a new trader and looking for some guidance with bitcoin trading, then sign up for the newsletter. I’ll share some resources I found to help you trade better, I also use Bitfinex to trade myself and use this platform as an example often.

If you’re any of the other category of visitor and would like to help out, then listen up. Here’s is how you can help.

Its common knowledge that more comments and social shares help in search engine rankings. There’s conjecture that google uses social signals to rank pages. Please share to help this post rank higher by sharing with your social networks.

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