The Cashback Forex Affiliate Program

I’ve discovered a fantastic Forex Affiliate Program that pays out 3 levels deep, pays via PayPal at a minimum of $10 and seems very easy to work with.

To Join them you just need to open an account, and follow the instructions on how to get your marketing material, easy peasy. Though I’ve had success with other forex trading affiliate programs, many of them are clunky to work with, or their support staff are useless or non-existant.

But the best thing about this particular one is the 3 levels that you can earn with. Highly recommended and I suggest that you join me in this program by clicking here and creating an account for yourself.

How Cashback Forex Works

They pay you cash for each trade you place at many top currency trading brokers, without negatively affecting spreads and other trading conditions. How do we do it? It is simple, they introduce clients to the brokers and in exchange the broker pays them a commission from their marketing budget on every trade you place.

They in turn keep only a portion of the commission and pass much of it onto our client, who gets exactly the same spreads and conditions as if they had opened an account directly, the only difference is a client that goes through them and gets a cash commission for every trade placed on their account.

As one of the highest volume introducing firms in the industry and by far the largest provider of cash rebates, they are trusted by many thousands of traders to deliver timely cash rebates that amount to significant savings and can make the difference between profit and loss.

I really like that they have a partnership with AxiTrade, the brokers that Nial Fuller suggests we use. I’ll definitely be opening an account once my time with the local broker is up… :)


Cashback Forex Broker Rebate Compare Grid

These are all the individual brokers that you’ll be an affiliate of by promoting Cashback.

Broker Rebate Grid

Here’s the above table in an easy to look at grid…

Rebate Calculator

Use this calculator to give you an idea of how much you can earn from those you refer to trade with this broker….

Sign Up with CashBack Forex

I think this is the best thing to happen since well Forex Trading became available for regular people.
Click on the banner below, open your account, and then get in touch with me on (082) 561 4455 and let me know that you’re starting to trade.

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