Channelled readings with Samantha Mihajlovic

When my friend Samantha offered to do a Skype channelling for me, I was curious, interested and also a bit skeptical. I don’t normally go for channellings and I find some psychics to be a bit flaky, but nevertheless, I took her up on her offer and what a great decision it was.

I don’t know if its because we’re close friends, but during the whole conversation, she spoke about all the issues that I am currently dealing with, and her conversation gave me ample cause to pause, consider the guidance the beings she was communicating with were givine me, and at the same time marvelling at her skill.

Anyway, here’s what she say’s about her channellings:

It is easy to lose clarity, focus and direction and one can feel unsettled and unsure of oneself. You might find yourself sitting at a crossroads, not knowing which way to go. Perhaps you have a dream and are no closer to reaching it and do not understand why. You might find there are the same patterns coming up in your life and the same reactions, over and over again. You might feel stuck on the same treadmill with no idea of how to get off.

Having a channeling can help you in all these areas. It helps you gain clarity and understanding as to where you are at, where you are going and it will give you more information in order to assist you on your journey in whichever way you need it. It can help uncover your inner potential and provide a space where you can shift from unnecessary baggage.

I work with the “other side” – your angels, your masters, your higher self, to give you the information which helps you gain deeper insight, support and healing so that you are more equipped in order to create and live the reality you desire. I also connect to your animal spirit guides and share deeper insight from the animals who are here to assist us too.

I invite you into a space where you can just be, to receive that which you need, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually so that you can transcend, feel liberated and more connected with who you are.

To book a reading, please contact Samantha on 083 321 4222 / I offer readings face-to-face and over Skype.

I highly recommend that you get in touch with Samamnth and organise a session if you feel like you need some help. And finally, the 50th person to Like her Facebook page will get a complimentary session, just like I did :)

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