Choose colors to change your mood

colour me happyChoose Colors to Change Your Mood

Imagining a world without colour would be very sad indeed. Whether you realize it or not, color has a profound effect on our moods. Even science has investigated how certain colors influence our feelings and perceptions. So if you’re looking to go from sad to sensational, adding the right colors can help.
Color Me Happy

Want an instant mood booster? Try yellow to make you feel more cheerful and upbeat. This warm and vibrant color often reminds us of sunshine. And what could be happier than a bright and sunny day?

Even science has investigated how certain colors influence our feelings and perceptions. So if you’re looking to go from sad to sensational, adding the right colors can help.

Color Me Sexy

If you want to feel a little frisky, consider wearing something red.  It has the ability to stimulate the heart and get blood circulation going. You’ll feel more energetic too.

However if your aim is to be noticed by the opposite sex, be careful about your color choice. Men respond favorably to a lady in red, but women are more attracted to a man who wears blue.

Color Me Calm

Stressed out and looking to calm down? Then choose blue. This color reminds us of tranquil waters and calming blue skies. Research has shown that blue has stress relieving effects and can even improve creativity. So think about adding some blue to your office to create a better workplace.

Color Me Healthy

Who wouldn’t like to feel healthier and more alive? If that’s your goal then add some green. We associate green with nature, life and vitality. We’re even told to add more green veggies to our diets!

Green helps promote a healthy balance mentally, physically and emotionally. An easy way to bring green into your world is to add some plants. Or get out and spend some time in nature among the trees and grass. You’ll feel so much better!

Color Me Positive

We know all about the power of positive thinking, but there’s a color that can help with that too. Think pink! It can help get you energized like red, but it’s subtler. While red can sometimes be overpowering, pink encourages enthusiasm and positivity. There’s something to be said for that old saying about rose-colored glasses. Pink really can improve your outlook.

Color Me Energized

Whether you’ve hit that afternoon slump or just need a quick pick-me-up, focus on the color orange. In between red and yellow, this warm color can boost your energy and optimism at the same time. Scientists say that orange helps to release adrenaline, giving you that extra push when you need it. While you can add the color to your environment, try eating a real orange when you need an energy boost. The color, smell and taste will rev you up!

Color Me Inspired

Looking to feel more creative and inspired? Purple is the color for you. Like blue, it can help improve creativity, but purple has a little more oomph. It can help you with more complex ideas and problem solving. This color is also associated with royalty so let it help you rule your own creative kingdom!

Color Me Cozy

Seeking some luxury and comfort or a safe haven? Try adding some brown to your home. This warm and rich color is reminiscent of the earth’s deep soil. It provides a feeling of stability and coziness like no other color. You might also want to indulge in some brown comfort foods like coffee or chocolate to make you feel centered and safe.

Color Me Powerful

Want to feel more powerful and sophisticated? Then try black. While too much black can be overwhelming and negative, this color in the right amount shows elegance and strength. Think about a basic black dress or judges’ robes. They have a certain power and class about them.

Color Me Fresh

Want to feel refreshed? Then try using white. Adding white to your home or wardrobe symbolizes purity, innocence and cleanliness. There is a certain crispness about it that can help you start anew. You’ll feel ready to begin again!



To learn more about the healing properties of colour and how they can support you in your life.  Please check out – we offer many different courses and workshops to support your colour journey.

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