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I had the good luck to experience a bit of Continuum Movement over the weekend.  I managed to ease a physical pain that was bothering me but also to experience my body in a totally new way – and that’s something coming from someone who has danced and been involved in Somatic work forever!


Volker, who is one of those angels who land on earth every now and again just to give of their spirit, is going to give a FREE introductory talk and session so that  people have a better understanding of Continuum Movement and its benefits.


The organisers of the Continuum Movement workshop (and its not me!) this coming weekend are very aware of the problems of the Easter weekend and do not expect that many people would be available this time to do this. 

So the introduction is a no-obligations session so that the interest may be gained for future events.



DETAILS of the introductory session.

VENUE:                VisVita Centre, 37 Dennington Avenue, Winston Ridge (near Melrose Arch)

TIME:                    7pm

FREE – no  obligation


Please bring a yoga mat along if you have one – some will be available.


Also please email Johan (workshop organiser) to let him know you coming so that he has some idea of numbers:



For more information on Continuum Movement please visit:

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