Drug Rehabilitation Centres in South Africa

In looking for one for my brother who needs serious intervention and finding this paradise in Magaliesberg, and then a meeting with my own Shaykh Ebrahim at the Zawia, I think I’m sorted for the family situation.

And working on Tranquility Clinic in the early days, means I’ve still got some links to them, but I’d like you to list your rehab centre here and tell me a bit about how you go about rehabilitating addicts?

  • Choosing a Rehab Centre From The List of Drug Rehab Centres in South Africa(scrcentre.wordpress.com) Concerns about drug and substance abuse have been on the increase over the years. Drug rehabilitation centres in South Africa have attempted to rehabilitate a large number of addicts in the region. People with such problems have always been advised to visit the nearest rehab centres to enable them get over their addiction.

  • Sparkling Waters still refreshing(iol.co.za) Scenic Olive Tree Farm beckons Johannesburg – I remember 1953 well. It was my first trip across the South African border. As a fresh-faced scout I joined Lincliffpark troop in a visit through Bechuanaland into Rhodesia. It was a fascinating journey into an Africa still clinging to the previous century of colonisation and one about to undergo…

  • Government Drug Rehab Centres South Africa(scrcentre.wordpress.com) With the alarming growth of drug abuse in South Africa thanks to the major economic changes in the country in the past decade, government drug rehab centres South Africa are working very hard to contain the problem. While this job is rarely simple or easy, the government has no other choice but to deal with the problem considering that in the…

  • Drug Abuse Among Youth South Africa(harmonygrp.wordpress.com) Drug abuse among youth South Africa has become a cause for concern, not only for the parents and loved ones, but for the society as a whole. The youth is abusing drugs like never before and something needs to be done in order to stop this abuse from getting worse. There are so many reasons why the youths of today see it fit to use drugs.

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