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I think the best way to get bitcoin at present is to earn it.

There are a few ways that I have been earning bitcoin and in this post I’ll tell you about some of them, suggest some ways that you can get some for yourself and then come up with interesting ways that we can all earn some bitcoin together.

I’ve written some other articles with links to my favourite “get free bitcoin” sites and only two bear repeating here are QoinPro, a new one that I’m checking out. Network marketing meets free bitcoin faucet. No captcha required.

The other is Bitcoin Traderz. Buy into their trading pool for $20 or into their mining pool for $100 and there’s also an affiliate program to earn from your referrals.

How I earn Bitcoin

I earn bitcoin by writing blog posts like these. On each article there’s a call for bitcoin donations. People donate bitcoin to me if they feel that I’ve contributed to the bitcoin community in some way. Bitcoin evangelism is not for everyone but I’m in a unique position to so and I’d love to meet other bitcoin bloggers out there.

I have regular bitcoin hangout sessions, I’m building some traction as a personality here in Jozi so I hire out my professional services and get paid in bitcoin through the shop on this site. I have a goal to charge 0.5BTC for my services, which will be crystalised at the conclusion of the hackerthon event.

A New Economy

Bootstrapping a new economy building on the bitcoin blockchain and offering a multi-tier commission based business built on the basics that 37coins. This is how I see myself earning bitcoin in future. Using the collaborative  willingness by Eldo Energy and using the tools provided by Cosapien, we’ll create this together.

I’m organising a hackerthon to initiate the development and legal admin of this entity. Seeing there’s another one happening soon after that’s sponsored by Coinbase and has some awesome prizes, I’m hoping to use that to entice

Making this business will need your help and support, and joining in on Hangouts on Air and the next step for you to do is to either contact me by email , telephone (082) 561 4455 or leave a comment below, using either the Google+ or Facebook comments.

Looking forward to earning bitcoin with you :)

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  • Bitcoin Handouts(harounkola.com) Please contribute some of your BitCoin to promoting Bitcoins in South Africa. Please send bitcoin to 1Q4P23s3zqCer1k8uBBnxx5CiQSqTDCef4 What I will offer to those that donate, please send me an email to tell me your donation amount so I can identify you. I will post a blog advertising to promote your page, company page, etc.

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