Ecstatic Trance Dance

  • Do you long for the energy and excitement you felt when you were a child?
  • Are you looking for a way to get fit and healthy physically, emotionally and spiritually?
  • Are you ready to show up in your life and start living your full potential?
  • Would you dare to “dance like nobodies watching”?

Ecstatic Trance Dance is a powerful, healing and transformational ACTIVE MEDITATION, by utilising shaking, breath and dance it takes us beyond the ego or the small mind and ultimately results in transcendence and creates a deeper awareness of ourselves and the world around us.

When practiced regularly, ecstatic trance dance is a powerful tool for personal transformation as we learn to surrender into the magic of the present moment and into the mystery of our inner being

Benefits of ecstatic Dance

  • Release stress and energize the body;
  • Free you from emotional baggage by moving stuck energy to the surface where it can be safely released
  • Transcends the chatter of small mind giving clarity of thinking from a higher perspective
  • Builds our self esteem and enhances our self image
  • Brings you into the Presence of Now;
  • Balancing the flow of energy, both coming in and going out
  • Awaken your heart to self-acceptance and self-love;
  • Opens up our internal visions, insights and intuitive guidance
  • Connect you to the Divine Oneness of your true nature and All That Is.
  • Stimulating the activity of the pineal and pituitary glands, releasing endorphins and seretonin,
  • (reducing the need for mood-elevating substances.)
  • Grounding and uplifting, simultaneously.
  • Experiencing feelings of total Freedom, Joy and ecstasy

Ecstatic Trance Dance is in essence a Nataraj – this is a Dancing Meditation in which you give yourself totally to the dance, you keep on dancing until meditation happens. Nataraj is the original Dance of Shiva who destroys all forms and returns them to formlessness. This is the same as saying that when you totally surrender to the dance and keep on moving until you move beyond ego-self, then you have entered the liberated state of spacious freedom and “no-mind”. The Sufis used a form of Nataraj called a “whirling dance” as a form of meditation in which the self was transcended in order to reconnect with a state of ecstatic oneness. Nataraj is also an Active Meditation developed by Osho, a dance without form that takes you deep into let-go and meditation.

“You go on dancing and dancing and dancing and a moment comes of such ecstasy, of such extreme movement of energy, that in that movement the rock-like ego cannot exist. It becomes a whirlwind. The rock disappears and there is only dance. The movement is there but the mover is no more there . . . meditation has happened.”

Osho, “Sufis: The People of the Path”

The science behind the Ecstatic Trance Dance meditation is designed for opening up your kundalini, a reservoir of energy within your etheric body, that when woken, rises up from your pelvis through your spine and out of your head, aligning you to cosmic consciousness, strengthening every aspect of your inner being and awakening you to your divine purpose in life

Mission statement

Ecstatic Trance Dance is a place for people to authentically and safely express themselves. It is a space free of judgement. It is a place to feel, move and heal, it is a place to surrender into the ecstasy of our inner being and to become rooted in the eternal present moment



Tuesday evenings
19h00 to 20h30

Venue : 341 the rand rd, Menlo park, Pretoria


Wednesday evenings
19h00 to 20h30

Venue: 32 Hornbill rd, bryanston/sandton

Cost: R80 Drop in/R300 for 5 classes


What should I bring?
The most important thing to bring is an open mind and a desire to move your body, aside from that we recommend that you bring:

  • A big bottle of drinking water to keep yourself hydrated
  • a hand towel to dry yourself off if you tend to sweat when exercising (don’t worry there are a lot of smiling, sweaty folks at the end of every dance
  • a cushion to sit on
  • payment for the dance if it is not your first time, unless arranged with the 5 week payments


What should I wear?
Wear loose comfortable clothing, that allows for maximum freedom of movement

What dance experience is required?
Absolutely none, the actual dance is completely freeform and many new dancers report finding a new sense of freedom of movement in this safe and accepting dance environment

If you have any other questions please contact me at

About the facilitator

Jean Eagle Little Stone has dedicated himself to the spiritual path of ecstatic trance for the past 12 years. He is highly passionate about it and have felt compelled to share it with as many people as he can because of the impact it has had on his life and the amount of inner growth he has achieved through it.

His biggest passion in his life however is people, working in the holistic field of healing where he practices a combination of many healing modalities that he refers to as transpersonal soulcology. He also practices african shamanic healing and facilitates various healing ceremonies

Tel: Jean 072 353 2312

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