In this article I show how I’m earning a passive income using the Khwezi Trade Mirror Trading service.

Its still in its early stages and I’m not earning much, just tiny amounts each day but I hope to grow it to become financially free.

Join me in this passive income opportunity by either opening a trading account and funding it with R10,000.

Or signing up as a referral agent and introducing this opportunity to other traders.

In the following video, I login to my Khwezi Trade partnership portal and show how I am earning an income from mirror trading.

I show how I have a single customer who has chosen Khwezi Trade’s Mirror Trading Service and how much commissions I earn from that particular trader.

I share how much I’ve saved up to start trading myself and I show you how to join me with your own trading account or to do as I’m doing and sign up as an agent of this FSB regulated Cape Town based broker.


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