You can make alot of money from Forex Trading but its not easy to do it yourself, especially if you’re just a beginner, like me. You have to probably invest in forex trading course or a mentor and spend a few years testing your abilities in the market before you are successful.

I’ve given myself 5 years to find out if trading forex is for me and if I can prove to be consistently profitable then I have plans to become a money manager myself.

But until then, here are some of the best managed accounts that I have found thus far:

Join The Khwezi Trade Business Opportunity

The most exciting of the bunch is a Cape Town based company, Khwezi Trade, which has an FSB license to manage your money and more interestingly a Mirror Trade Service.

Khwezi Trade’s Mirror Trading account is NOT a managed account because your funds remain in your account and in your name. You choose to follow or link to the “currency basket strategy”.

This is an automated strategy, and there is risk involved. Although the strategy does use stop loss orders to prevent large drawdowns there are no guarantees and your capital is at risk.

Please be advised that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Although the objective is to make money this strategy is not guaranteed due to high volatility and unpredictability of markets.

The minimum deposit to open a Mirror account R10000.

Click here to open a LIVE account, and then contact me to get the mirror trading mandate that you need to send back to Khwezi Trade.

Mirror Trading Business Opportunity With Khwezi Trade

12 + 14 =

The Business Opportunity

This is a passive income opportunity. The easiest way to join is to deposit the minimum R10,000 and start watching your money grow. If you don’t have the money available now, then there is another way to earn, refer others who do have that amount of money available and are willing to invest.

All you have to do is have them sign up using your Introducing Broker link. I’ve made it my business to do exactly this and this website is testimony to that effort so I can help you create the same if you don’t have experience in doing so.

Simple sign up as a sub-IB using the button below and then fill in the form on this page to get in touch with me.

Forex Global Solutions Specialises in Managed Accounts

The next interesting one is Forex Global Solutions who provide investment management services and offer investment products (primarily through separately managed accounts) in Forex, Futures, CFD,s, Metals and other Alternative Investment vehicles.

Your managed account will be traded at well-established licensed brokers.

The brokers they work with are all well known in the industry for providing excellent pricing which saves you the client money so there is more money to invest.

Excellent execution so they don’t miss opportunities in the market. Complete transparency so you can view your account at any time. Your managed account will also be under your name so only you can access the funds.

Check them out and get in touch if you’d like them to professionally manage your account or contact them on Skype searching for the username; forexglobalsolutions

ZuluTrade is one of the big daddies of social trading or copy trading.

A combination of a social network and a trading platform, this site will help you find and follow successful traders.

Its like a Facebook for traders and the “wall” of the platform shares information such a the opening and closing of trades of individual traders and how many pips they won or lost.

Below you can see a random trader who I chose with a great record and you can easily follow a successful trader like this one.

Click here to start trading now.

FXTime’s Investor Accounts

These accounts look to me to be a kind of Copy Trader account, where you open an account, fund it and then choose traders from their platform to trade on your behalf.

Calling it a Forex Investors must be their special way of calling it what the rest of us know it as, but if you’re interested in trying it out; then click here.

eToro is another of the popular social trading platforms like the previous one.

Also with a Facebook like social trading platform, you can see how other traders are approaching the market and choose to follow them.

As you can see here are some of the best traders on the platform and you can follow them with just a click. So, go ahead and click right here and start following traders on eToro.

Here’s a short video explaining the sytem.

FxPrimus PAMM Account

Being considered one of the safest places to trade forex, FxPrimus also allows you to use their PAMM system to make (or lose) money from trading by choosing to follow other traders.

Click here to start earning

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