Gemini Full Moon Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse

The Moon eclipse  of 28 November 2012 will be the last of quite a few eclipses (Solar and Lunar) this year and is part of the sequence of celestial events leading up to 21 December 2012. Alaska, Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, and most of Asia will be able to see the total eclipse. The time of greatest eclipse is 14:33:00 UT – see also

A lunar eclipse always occurs on a full moon and symbolically, the eclipse allows us to see our shadow (aspects of ourselves that we disown) – so that we can accept it, learn from it and integrate it!The effect of an eclipse can last for weeks, months, if not years and shamans in tribal cultures believe that the energy of an eclipse also facilitates the opening of inter-dimensional doorways.SPECIFICS OF THIS ECLIPSE;
During this eclipse on the 28th November, the Moon and Sun will be opposed with the Moon in the sign of Gemini and the Sun in the sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter, the planet ruling Sagittarius teaches us about expansion and also the truth that there are no limits. All limits are self-imposed, even though it may often appear otherwise!
It is time to expand our consciousness from an individual perspective to one of much bigger proportions.

Tomorrow is a golden opportunity to go within and consider where we have limited ourselves and our abundance (Jupiter) through our thoughts, words and communications – mainly out of fear, worry and lack of communication with the Earth and the Divine whole – (the Gemini shadow side of the eclipse) – and with intention step out into a much greater doorway and potential that is being opened by the eclipse and the Sun in Jupiter.

This coming full moon and eclipse is a window or doorway opportunity for manifesting something new that you never thought you could be, have or do!

Take yourself out of your box, stretch your mind and think bigger than ever before.

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Gemini Full Moon Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse

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  1. Happy Full Moon Eclipse… :)

    Haroun Kola November 28, 2012 at 12:12 pm #

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