How to get free BitCoins

The cool thing about the internet and more especially the currency of the internet is that because its still new, you can find some people willing to give you some for free to get more people involved in using BitCoin, and here’s a few links to places where you can get free BitCoins.

  1. QoinPro – Sigup for free and they will give you free coins every day. There is no catch!  All coins can be withdrawn to your wallet as soon as you reach the minimum threshold. Refer your friends and receive a percentage of all the coins they receive as well. Every day!
  2. FreeBitCoin – Free Bitcoins every hour with the option of a random number generator that will pay upto over 0.5 BTC per spin (a novel faucet)
  3. On DailyFreeBitCoins – you get free bitcoins for Captcha’s and on signing up for an account you can also join the affiliate program.
  4. BitCoinGet – The first results in the SERPs and looks very interesting, has a few tasks you need to perform to get BTC like watching videos and certains offers too (all CPA offers). They also offer a referral program where you can earn between 5-10% on getting others to earn BTC too.
  5. CoinVisitor – CoinVisitor pays you bitcoin for viewing websites and solving captcha challenges. What’s great about this service is that you only need to view the sites for 10 seconds at a time, so it’s a quick process.
  6. IWantFreeBitCoins – Its not my favourite, its too confusing, but this site also gives you a choice of offers. It maybe your cup of tea but its not mine…
  7. BitHits – BitHits gives you a small amount of bitcoin — no captcha required.
  8. BitcoinAR – After passing a simple captcha check BitcoinAR will send you a small amount of free bitcoin.
  9. BitVisitor – Earn free BitCoin for visiting sites. Bitvisitor also offers a 50% profit sharing affiliate program!
  10. CoinChat – Earn Free BitCoin for chatting to other users (Regular affiliate referral contests too.
  11. BitBucks – Earn BitCoin by doing some random online activities.
  12. BTCClicks – Earn BitCoin for clicking on ads
  13. LandofBitCoin – Click ads, enter Captchas, refer others and earn BitCoin
  14. DomesticPinapple – As the names get more ridiculous, the bitcoin payments are the same (I want more of them)
  • How Does BitCoin’s SilkRoad Crash Impact Your Trading?( There’s been lots written about the impact of the Silk Road bust on the future of BitCoin, you can read articles here, here and here. Or this, this and this. I think everything you hear from now on is just pure speculation and everything is up for grabs at present. Hang on to your hat and enjoy the rough ride…

  • Leveraged BitCoin Trading Platforms( is a trading platform for bitcoin. We allow long and short leveraged trading without the need to maintain margin balances. (This is the one I’m trying out first) ‎ Coinsetter is a NYC-based forex trading platform for Bitcoin. Built by Wall Street pros, we offer outstanding performance and the best prices in the…

  • BitCoin Affiliate Programs( With BitCoins taking over the online payments landscape and affiliate marketing being the defacto way that internet businesses run, here is my investigation into the “BitCoin Affiliate Programs” keyword. Starting with a plethora of “earn free BitCoins” faucet type sites my favourite has to be: BitVisitor, http://www.bitvisitor.

  • How to invest in BitCoin in South Africa( This is how I’m investing in BitCoin living in South Africa and using the system here. If you’d like to buy bitcoin, contact me. Buy BitCoin from BitX, using my FNB account. Send it to a Kipochi wallet, just so I can always get cash at an M-Pesa outlet through a Vodacom cell number. or a BTC-e, http://btc-e.

  • The BitCoin Affiliate( Being an Affiliate Marketer, one of the first keywords I search when I come across anything new is “keyword” affiliate program and for the BitCoin niche what I found is the BitCoin Affiliate. Like all good affiliate programs, you can signup subaffiliates. Refer people to this affiliate network and earn ฿0.0100. You also get a ฿0.

  • BitCoin in Africa( And just like that, almost by accident really. Its more like just being me, blogging and sharing my interests that I was lucky enough to be asked for a quote for an article about BitCoins in Africa. Its been a while since I was last in the media, so allow me to bask in the blessings of it. In the meantime, I’ll be researching this topic a bit…

  • Promote Your BitCoin Related News With BitCoin Pr Buzz( BitCoin PR Buzz can tailor campaigns to any marketing budget (they like to work with exciting crypto projects regardless of marketing budget) – so please make sure to get in touch with them! They do Press Release publication on, and distribution through, at least 30 Press Release networks, as well as guaranteed Google News and Yahoo News…

  • The BitCoin Robot Review( The BitCoin Robot is here. It launched in August 2013 and will take the automated trading market to another level. Bitcoin is extremely new and many of the people who are using it are new to it too but its growing rapidly in the age of the internet and everything going on at the moment with Central Governments, Big Banks, the Global Economy…

  • Entering The Exciting World Of BitCoin and CryptoCurrency Speculation( Before I share some of the resources more geared towards the trading and speculation of the cryptocurrencies, I want you to know that there’s many different ways of earning money from BitCoins and the internet. I’ve just come across CoinPrize where you’re betting against others on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

  • How To Make Money Day Trading the BitCoin Market( This is a quick video to test interest if people want to join in on the BitCoin Trading Google Hangouts on Air. Please watch this video, get yourself some BitCoins, open an account on and join me in trading the BitCoin market. You can get the price chart of the market we’re trading at http://bitcoinity.

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