How To Use Triberr to Build An Online Community Sharing Your Content

I’ve joined Triberr, and now I’m getting started, and writing this to make sense of it.

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The first thing you need to know about Triberr is that its a numbers game. Depending on how many followers you have can determines what kinds of people  you will have as tribemates and how much members your own tribes will have.

It is simple really. If you have 1,000 instead of 100 followers, people will be more inclined to send you an invite. When you share their content, you will bring it in front of a bigger audience. Retweets from people with a lot of followers boost your credibility too.

Ok I’m In. I’m Now an official Triberr member, now what do I do?

Sit back, write quality blog posts, and Triberr will help you maximize your audience and become part of this amazing community of bloggers. Soon in your twitter mentions, you will begin to notice other people, some you might not even know or connect to on Twitter, will begin tweeting your blog posts. At this point, what you need to realize is that, Tribemate A has tweeted your post, so every follower that tribemate A has, is seeing that tweet, which is about YOUR blog post.

Relevancy is Important in Triberr

Relevancy is one of the issues in using Triberr. Although every chief aims to invite bloggers who actually have something to do with the subject, a lot of guys end up in tribes they don’t belong to. If your goal is to join as much tribes as possible, you might succeed. However if, like me, you want to get as much shares and traffic as possible, then that isn’t a necessary a good strategy.

Do share relevant content on Triberr but  don’t request invites for tribes you can’t add value to. The additional reach won’t really help your brand, as you will be targeting the wrong people.

Imagine if you are in a tribe that has 10 members, and each member tweets your blog post – that’s 9 people tweeting your blog posts beside yourself. And every single twitter user that is following that person will see your tweet. Lots more exposure.

There are plenty more user guides, tutorials and answers to your frequently asked questions on this site. Be sure to check them out.

Bonfires are Where you can Find other Tribemates

After you’ve signed up go to Bonfires (basically just a forum) and click on “Looking for Tribes”, find someone who is in search of  tribemates in the niche you are interested in and leave a comment. Include what topics you cover and add a link to your blog.

You can also start your own Bonfire and ask others to join your  tribe. The first few lines of your comment are used as a title so start with your tribe’s focus and reach.

In conclusion I’m looking forward to testing Triberr out and seeing if I can get more people sharing and commenting on my content.


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