Interview with Roger Wu of Cooperatize

Cooperatize connect brands and bloggers to create sponsored content opportunities.

Native advertising for long-form content.
Brands can easily manage their media buys for sponsored content on various media outlets.

No more contacting media outlets and blogs to publish your content. Get full transparency into the reach of our publishers.


Create great content for your brand.

Discover the content your potential customers want to read about through our FavoriteMe tool.

Advertisers pitch content ideas to publishers to review.
They help with the entire processs of content creation to publishing your content on desired outlets .

  • Cooperatize Co-Founder Robert Wu Speaks Out About His Company In An Email Interview With!( What is Cooperatize? How many people use it? Cooperatize is a platform offering a streamlined way to reach thousands of bloggers via sponsored posts. Acting as a hybrid of paid media and customized editorial, the sponsored post is proving to be more effective in driving awareness and engagement than some traditional advertising products.

  • The New York Times Will Now Feature Branded Content( A cursory flip through any glossy will reveal a wealth of advertorial pages – like skin-care tips from a beauty brand, for example. At this point, that’s par for the course in magazines – on digital platforms, too, including our own. In fact, at R29, we’ve woven in this kind of content on our site since 2010.

  • Native advertising for publishers: key considerations( The rise of native advertising and content marketing have represented a fundamental shift in business model for many online publishers. Indeed, for some players such as Buzzfeed it’s been the main reason behind their success. Having looked at the three main approaches to native advertising in my previous post, I now want to break it down and look…

  • 10 Innovative Content Distribution Ideas and Platforms( Looking for a new and effective approach to content promotion? Currently, content creation makes up 32% of content marketing spending and content distribution makes up only 18%. Imagine if focus were to shift from content production to content distribution. How would optimizing distribution improve your ROI? Focusing on content promotion can…

  • Native Advertising vs. Content Marketing( The online marketing community is buzzing about native advertising thanks to a native advertising workshop hosted by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and a consumer warning issued by the FTC. In Australia, brands that mislead consumers through native advertising may face legal action in 2014. Native advertising, also called sponsored content,…

  • Going native( What is native advertising? In a feature that first appeared in Encore, Miranda Ward cuts through the confusion to nail down a definition for the latest trend taking online by storm. When online publisher The Sound Alliance hired what it claimed to be “Australia’s first native advertising editor” in September this year, it marked a turning point…

  • PR’s Growing Role in ‘Native Advertising’( We’re all going “native” now. The Interactive Advertising Bureau Wednesday is releasing a white paper on so-called “native advertising,” or branded content, at the same time that the Federal Trade Commission is starting to hold daylong town hall hearings on the matter. Communicators should pay careful attention.

  • I Used These 3 Content Marketing Buzzwords Interchangeably. Until I Realized They Meant Different Things.( 2013 was the year that everyone fell in love with content marketing. Or maybe it was the year native advertising became big business. Or was it the year that brand journalism grew up? It all really depends upon which industry you work with as a content professional, because while all these terms might get lumped together, they are individually…

  • Content Marketing and Native Advertising: The Same Rules Apply( Keywords: Social Media Marketing , Behavior , Content , Advertising Recently I read an excellent article from iMediaConnection . Author Antoine Boulin identified three sure ways to fail at so-called native advertising, defined as messages that look more like editorial content than traditional advertising.

  • Brand Journalism: Embrace the Trend for Your Organization( By Gini Dietrich I’ve been thinking a lot about brand journalism lately. Of course, this blog-in some ways-is exactly that. But I’m thinking bigger. Mr. D is a huge Bill Simmons (ESPN, Grantland) fan. For years, he’s been quoting this man to me like I should be impressed. Eventually I began to listen.

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