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Update: Since starting this blog post, I’ve created the domain, and logged in once to all the social media profiles, but I’m being blocked now. I think it was because of a login from a strange ip address, mine. Will update when I have more news. Now back to my story.

The last time I spoke to Irfan, he mentioned hiring me as his online brand spokesperson, or social media manager, I find it hard to find a definition of what to call what I’ll be doing for him, but I’ve since lost touch with him, and finding it hard to have another conversation. I believe he’s travelling, but anyway, the point of this post is to get his attention and continue the conversation with him, because I’m particularly interested in the work of online personal brand building.

I’m especially interested in his ideas on transforming people into a more entrepreneurial mindset, leaving their corporate places of comfort and stiking it out in their own enterprises, and I want to be involved in the process. Our conversation turned to creating a brand on the domain, but we’ve since lost touch.

I need you to help me get in touch with him again.

Here’s a link to his LinkedIn profile, I hope to engage with him there :)

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