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Keeping focused takes work and comitment to the end result.  I spent last weekend at the Global Success Summit in Sandton City, listening to inspiring speakers like John Demartini, Robin Banks, Peter Sage, Scott Harris and my all time hero Richard Branson.  I have come away with a toolbox of ideas and am inspired to make changes both in my business and my relationships…  I know that so many out there may be needing a little (or a lot) of help, so I am happy to share a few of those pearls of wisdom with you.

  • The one thing each and every speaker touched on, was the need to love what you do.  If you love your job – it wont feel like work, but more like play…  and that really helps the energy to expand.  If you (like me), are a small business owner doing every aspect of everything – perhaps we need to look at what we are good at, and enjoy doing… and then find help for the rest.  This is definately something I am looking at and working on.  I need a virtual assitant who can help me with the graphic design, articles, marketing etc….
  • If your goal is to make a difference on the planet – then you have a much bigger picture in mind, and this also expands the consciousness as it is not only for personal wealth and success.  (That box is ticked for me – YAY).
  • Have a brand… so that people will recognise you through your brand…  hopefully my future virtual assistant will have this experience too.
  • Only spend time with positive, successful people as this rubs off on you.  We tend to absorb the energy of those around us – so choose whose energy you would like to mirror within yourself and your life.  No more dinners listening to other people’s dramas and traumas.
  • Knowledge only makes a difference in your life if you apply it.  You can have all the tools in the head, but unless you put them into action – nothing will change in your life….

So… take a good hard look at your business and your life and if you are not 100% happy with the status quo, then something needs to change.  If you keep doing the same things and getting the same results (and they dont support or serve you), then once again something needs to change.

The biggest thing that i realised during this weekend is that EVERYONE needs a coach.  Even coaches need a coach – and this especially true if you are a one man show with no-one to bounce ideas off.  So I have found a coach that I both like and trust and have set up my first 6 sessions.  We will do one a month so I have plenty of time between sessions to action what we decide to work on, before taking it to the next level.  I am really excited to see where all of this is going to take me, and how it will expand the awareness and work I do with colour.  Watch this space doll.

Until next time, how can you create change and miracles in your life?

Penni – Divine Space, Colour therapy training academy & Access Bars facilitator & trainer




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