How to Legally NOT pay for eTolls

Does anyone know if this can be done?

1) Do not buy an eTag.

2) After the first 4-6 weeks of passing through toll gantries, send SANRAL a registered letter, expressing your concern, that for the last 4- 6 weeks you have not received a payment request from them. You must state that you are COMPLETELY willing to pay the toll fees, but this cannot be carried out without a detailed invoice. Unreliable postal services could be to blame, so please would they send you your invoice by registered mail, to ensure you receive it. (This is a fully legal AARTO requirement for any letter of demand.)

3) Make a photocopy of your letter, get a COMMISSIONER OF OATHS to stamp the copy, and keep your registered mail receipt. Such a request could take months to be settled, and if you are fortunate, never at all due to the sheer volume of similar requests received. Should you finally receive a notification that a registered letter has arrived for you, take as long as possible to collect it. This method is based upon the fact that they do not use registered mail to send invoices. If one considers the past history of all traffic fines received, these all arrive by normal mail to prevent the high costs of registering letters.

4)Should SANRAL surprisingly, after a lengthy period, comply with (1) above, then send them a second CERTIFIED letter by registered post, requesting that they send you a photograph for every single gantry you have passed under for that month, proving that is was your car you that is being invoiced.( Perfectly legal and reasonable request from any motorist ). Such photographs obviously, you must request to also be sent by registered mail to ensure delivery. Also takes weeks to collect such registered mail, should it in the unlikely event, ever be posted. Explain that you have heard that certain motorists are using illegal false number plates and you therefore require the photographs to prove that it is definitely your cat that is being charged. Such a request could takes months to be settled, or if you are very fortunate, never. Consider the sheer volume of requests they should by now have received. If their system is not set up for such requests, which I am almost positive is the case. (Hope I am not wrong on this one) Can you imagine the difficulties and problem they will have, in trying to MANUALLY comply with the thousands upon thousands of similar requests received. To be really difficult, how about querying some of the less clear photographs taken at night. Even if they come back to you asserting that the photographs are in their opinion, all perfectly readable, further delays will have been successfully applied.

5) Should SANRAL try to speed up communications by requesting your e-mail or fax number, or send you SMS’s, or trying direct contact by phone, I have considered very simple ways of negating each of such requests. I am not mentioning any of these methods, as I want to keep this article 100% above board, and free of any questionable actions.

6)In the unlikely event that all the above somehow be resolved, then obviously pay, but only for that particular month under review.

7)Start the whole lengthy procedure all over again, 4-6 weeks after the termination of the second month’s toll fees due. Continue with the same, for every individual month that follows.

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