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Imagine if you will; a lump of carbon buried deep within the earth.  It feels warm and comfortable as it is cushioned in its known environment.  It is conscious (barely) and relates to the sand, stones and rock around it, as it nestles deep within the earth.  There is very little light in this environment, but this is all it has know, and it feels safe and secure in this space.

And then something amazing happens.  An astroid hits the planet with a huge impact, pressure and intense light and this transmutes it from an amorphous state to a complex structure that is truly breathtaking.    This shock to the system, and shake up of everything it knows is what creates the birth of the diamond.

Let us relate that to what happens in our lives.  When we are comfortable and secure, we seem to be in a slumbering state.  We don’t need to look deeper or further, because life is good.  It is only when our whole world rocks and we are shaken out of our comfort zones – that we begin searching for more, or for healing  in order to make sense of everything.  And; just as the diamond is carried to the surface by the molten lava, so we too begin our upward ascent, yearning to shine some kind of light on our experiences, so that we can understand them.

So – if your life feels like it is in turmoil, if you are struggling to understand who you are, where you fit and belong, and what on earth you are meant to do with your life – then trust me when I tell you – your soul has decided that it is time to take you to the next level.  In fact, in these changing times I believe we are all being given this wake-up call.  We can either ignore it and remain in the sleeping, unconscious state, or we can allow ourselves to be brushed off, cleaned, polished and re-shaped, to truly stand in our own magnificence.

So…  going back to the analogy of the diamond .  When things are not going well in your life, take a few deep breaths and for a moment, visualise yourself as a conscious spark of light in the centre of a diamond.  As the light shines on this magnificent crystal – so a rainbow of colour is reflected off each facet.

These colours hold your potential,  the different paths or directions you may choose to travel, as well as the healing support  you can invite into your lives.  Breathe them in and welcome the amazing new opportunities that are waiting for you.

There are so many options, and I suggest that for this month of New Beginnings – the focus should be on the colour Green.  This is the path of the heart, where everything you do comes from the heart.  Using this divine colour  heals the heart and inspires you to find your true calling in life.  It helps you to let go of the past pain, disappointments and betrayals – so that you are fresh and clear to step forward in a new way.   Just like the fresh green plants that emerge from the earth after hibernating through the cold winter months – so you will be ready and eager to step ahead – refreshed and renewed.

I invite you to try using the Green Oil of Transformation – or Green Angel of the Heart spray – they will give you the support you may need to make this journey lighter and easier.

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Penni of Divine Space has devoted her life to working with colour and loves inspiring others to find their true potential, as well as achieving balance through the use of colour.

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