Profit In 60 Seconds Get your 30-day trial (no CC needed) of the #1 Binary Options Software

Profit in 60 Seconds is a binary options desktop application that has been specifically developed for trading 1 minute binary options. One binary option released assessment includes this trading design as a stimulating brand-new financial investment. You are not buying the asset hiddening the choice; you are merely hypothesizing or forecasting which direction an asset will…

The developers have told me there’s been a tremendous response to their 30-day trial already. They’re actually shocked at just how many people are signing up — it’s setting a record!

But the proof in their daily video trading record is undeniable.

In the last 3 (three) trading days, they’ve demonstrated a 125% return on a $200 account. Isn’t that amazing?

I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anything like it!

It hasn’t been just one “lucky” trade that made headlines. “Profit in 60 Seconds” has been racking up win-after-win with MINIMAL drawdowns.

Yes — it’s doing so well that it’s delivering 35-50% DAILY returns right now. Each and every trade is demonstrated in the developers’ daily video log.

But before you rush off to see for yourself, here’s how they set up they trading account for the video:

Starting Deposit: $200
Risk Per Trade: $20
Profit Per Trade: $15

This past Wednesday (6/11/2013), “Profit in 60 Seconds” delivered a very solid $70 profit (35%) for the traders lucky enough to already be using it:

# of trades: 7
# profitable: 6
# losing trades: 1

The total profit for Wednesday (6/11/2013): $70 ($90 – $20 = $70)

Watch how “Profit in 60 Seconds” made it all happen here

But the video diary is a lot longer than just one day. And there are even BETTER performances for you to review. In fact, Tuesday (5/11/2013) was outstanding too, because “Profit in 60 Seconds” made $80 (40%) that day!

# of trades: 10
# profitable: 8
# losing trades: 2

The total profit for Tuesday (5/11/2013): $80 ($120 – $40 = $80)

Even better: Monday (4/11/2013) gave traders the biggest bang for their buck — a full $100 (50%) in profits!

# of trades: 10
# profitable: 8
# losing trades: 1
# tied trades: 1

The total profit for Monday (4/11/2013): $100 ($120 – $20 = $100)

Add it all up and that’s a huge $70 + $80 + $100 = $250 profit in JUST 3 DAYS of trading. Yes – a 125% return!

Now go and watch the daily video diary for complete proof

Now you know why traders have been breaking down the cyber-doors to get their hands on “Profit in 60 Seconds” for free.

You get the full-strength, 100% functional software to use – as much as you want – for 30 days. Trade as large or as small as you wish. It’s totally up to you, but remember that 80% of trialers are buying the software for $997 from the profits they’ve made in their first month.

That’s how amazing a trading tool it is. It’s indispensable!

In fact, “Profit in 60 Seconds” is the #1 performing binary options software available.

It’s so reliable that it’s been months since there was a losing day. On the rare times it DOES happen, the loss is small enough that they can make all back — and then some — the next day.


So let’s put this performance into perspective …

If you’d started trading with “Profit in 60 Seconds” this past Monday, you’d have already made $250 profit from a small ($200) deposit.

If you’d started trading Binary Options with the software on Wednesday alone, you’d still have pocketed $70 to start. That’s $70 you didn’t have yesterday!

Think about it … you “threw away” $70 by NOT taking action. A one-day 35% return just walked away while you watched!

I’d wager that’s better than you did with your own trading on Wednesday!

And that’s why I’ve got to repeat this again:

Over 80% of the 30-day “Profit in 60 Seconds” trial subscribers later purchase the product for $997 with money they made in LESS than 21 days of their trial.

PLUS, they still have aronund the same amount left over to keep trading with.

So, don’t wait until tomorrow – take advantage of the 30-day “NO CREDIT CARD required” trial right now

Every day you wait is a day you don’t make money with “Profit in 60 Seconds”.

And because there are still 2 days left of this week, that’s potentially $140-$200 in your account – just this week alone. All from a little $200 account!

So take action today.

Do you really want to know that each passing day is making other traders money and not YOU?

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