The Pros and Cons of Bitcoin

I found this video on YouTube just begging me to watch it.

Published on Jun 6, 2013

Moderated by Martin Bryant, Managing Editor, The Next Web
Anthony Gallippi, Co-Founder & CEO, BitPay
Shakil Khan, Head of Special Projects, Spotify
Roger Ver, Founder & CEO,

The definition is: Bitcoin is an experimental, decentralized ditigal currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: managing transactions and issuing money are carried out collectively by the network. The result? Lots of controversy and questions! This panel of experts gets to the bottom of it all.

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  • Interview with Tony Gallippi of Bitpay on Bitcoin for Merchants( Tony Gallippi is the CEO and co-founder of the Bitcoin payment site Bitpay. In this interview, Tony explains what Bitcoins are, and why merchants should be accepting them. I also ask him about growing a business from just two founders bootstrapping the business, to raising $2.7 million in venture capital.

  • Kenya: Are Bitcoins the Future of Mobile Money?( The use of the virtual currency Bitcoins could change the way money flows in Kenya. But it hasn’t caught on just yet. An article by BY JORIS LEVERINK. Want to go to the market, pay for a taxi or send money back home? In Kenya, all you need is your mobile phone. Total Bitcoin supply over time. Ever since Safaricom, Kenya’s largest mobile-network…

  • Teaching Bitcoin in Schools – The Bitcoin Academy( Are you raising a future Bitcoiner? A new startup has just surfaced with one vision: to educate our children about Bitcoin. How will this happen, you ask? That is where The Bitcoin Academy and Bitcoin Bootcamp come in. The idea is very simple and will allow students of all ages to learn about Bitcoin and Cryptography in both the classroom and…

  • How to invest in BitCoin in South Africa( This is how I’m investing in BitCoin living in South Africa and using the system here. If you’d like to buy bitcoin, contact me. Buy BitCoin from BitX, using my FNB account. Send it to a Kipochi wallet, just so I can always get cash at an M-Pesa outlet through a Vodacom cell number. or a BTC-e, http://btc-e.

  • Swedish Bitcoin Startup Safello Emphasizes Transparency( In the lead-up to interviewing Safello CEO Frank Schuil, I sent him an academic paper I came across that poked holes in the idea that Bitcoin users could remain anonymous. “Put on your tinfoil hat”, he wrote back, “Bitcoin is easier to trace than any other currency in the history of mankind…There are hints and rumours that the NSA [American…

  • Bitcoin Has Been On A Huge Tear Lately( It hasn’t gotten that much attention, as the world’s Bitcoin fascination has faded since this spring. BUT: Worth pointing out that the actual price of Bitcoins has been on a major tear again lately, as it presses up near $150. This is despite increasing oversight and subpoenas from regulators, and all kinds of pronouncements about Bitcoin’s death.

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