Shakti Malan ~ Dance of Divine Attraction

The dance of Divine Attraction

Free workshop with Shakti Malan (Ph.D.)
1 March 2013 6.30 – 9pm

We sense the potency of what can happen in sexual attraction, but we rarely touch what it is. We feel this potential also in the attraction between our inner masculine and feminine. We know that new galaxies can be birthed from the opening of heart and consciousness that happens when two people (or our inner masculine and feminine) explode into each other, with total passion, and limitless stillness. But our conditioning, our patterning, and our ideas of who we are keep us from living THAT.

In this short workshop, Shakti will take you into an experience of this potential. We will be using a movement from the Form Reality Practice of Bernie Prior, a revolutionary movement practice that wakes up the profound masculine and feminine in us. Through the reality moment that Shakti will teach you, you will get to experience, in your felt sense and through shifts in your consciousness

  • what the essence of the masculine and the feminine are
  • why they are attracted to each other
  • what the challenges are that this attraction creates
  • how to step into this attraction with totality
  • and how, in doing so, we start to live our divinity.

This is a FREE workshop
However, booking is essential as space is limited.
Bookings with Kate Ballenden: / 011 4478121


This workshop will be followed by workshop 2 – 3/4 March in Johannesburg for those who wish to go deeper.


Subtle Tantra 
The Form Reality Practice of Bernie Prior

2,3,4 March 2013


I am excited to introduce to South Africa the Form Reality Practice by Bernie Prior, a subtle Tantric practice that has profoundly changed my inner state and my relationship life.

The Form is a subtle movement practice that brings together the masculine principle of consciousness and the feminine principle of form and sensation into a revolutionary awakening to the creative potential of this moment. During this workshop, you will be introduced to the principles of the Form and get to experience and practice parts of the Form. Some of the unique qualities of the Form Reality Practice™ are:

  • Whereas traditional meditation is solo practice, the Form can be practiced with a partner. It is a profound gift of awakening to both the giver and the receiver.
  • The coming together of movement and consciousness opens a radical awakening to this moment.
  • The Form demonstrates in our bodies the essence of the true masculine and feminine, and the dance of their uniting.
  • Any moment in The Form can be used during your day to drop you back into the ecstatic presence of the moment.
  • It opens us to intimacy with others and ourselves at the deepest, most profound level.

Three one day workshops


To make the workshops more accessible, I give you the options of coming just for Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday, or for all three days. The movements you learn on each day follow on the previous days, so you won't be able to join after the start. And also be warned: you will want to do all three days if you get a taste of the Form – so plan to make it possible!

Here are the themes for each the three days: 

Day 1: Finding the light in me, bowing down to the light in you

Day 2: Washing away the old, opening to this profound moment

Day 3: The dance of authentic union between masculine and feminine.


Feedback on the Form


Wherever I have been introducing The Form across the world, people have responded with tears of gratitude and deep recognition, deep shifts in their perception of reality, and a dropping in their bodies to a level of subtlety that they didn't know existed.

Bernie Prior says about The Form: “The Form generates more light to address those parts of your self that need higher integration – to perceive them, heal them, transform them, transcend and integrate them at a higher level of consciousness. All movement of the physical, mind and emotion that you are conscious of, grows you. It grows your soul light. It is the evolution of the soul of the Earth, not just the individual. The practice of The Form is facilitating conscious evolution”

Cost and bookings

A non-refundable deposit of R500 is required for all bookings
Full payment due by 15 February
Day 1: R1200 (subsequent days not pre-booked also R1 200 each)
Day 1 and 2 pre-booked: R2000
Day 1, 2 and 3: R2 700
Bookings with Kate Ballenden:

011 447 81 21

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