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Booking for these workshops is essential.
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Awakening The Erotic Spirit
Fri 23rd August
Pharaohs Fantasy Club

The Erotic Spirit is a deep, powerful and exciting part of all of us.
We present a special evening of discussion, exploration and experience.
We begin with a talk and discussion on what erotic is, the difference between porn and eroticism etc.
We extend this into a practical and fun exploration of elements of the erotic which include:

A Nude Dessert ‘Platter’
Vintage Erotic Movies from 1920
Audio Erotica
Body Painting and Body Decoration
Sensual Photography
Erotic Bondage
Delectable Liquers

This special evening is open to singles and couples at R250/person.
Booking is essential.
After the workshop the facilities of Pharaohs are open.
For more detailed information on workshops and FAQ’s please visit

Waking Up…

Something is happening.
Something interesting, exciting, amazing, beautiful, and at times scary.

People are waking up.
Men are waking up.
Women are waking up.
More women than men, truth be told.

Women are waking up sexually.
Women are waking up sensually.
Waking up to the power within.
Waking up to the truth of who they are, the possibilities, the pleasure they’re capable of.

Men are waking up sexually.
Men are waking up sensually.
Men are waking up emotionally.
Waking up to the truth of the warrior, the possibilities, the pleasure they’re capable of.

We are realising that the inhibitions, the limitations, the fears, the narrow beliefs we have accepted as being the truth of what pleasure is, of what love is, is not so.

As we are waking up, we’re seeing more of what the truth is.
And we’re claiming ourselves.
We’re claiming parts of ourselves that we’ve long hidden, long denied, long suppressed.
We’re walking paths that require maps drawn in the moment, drawn from the heart, drawn from the soul.
We’re claiming our knowledge, we’re claiming our wisdom.
We’re claiming ourselves.

And in this we’re going beyond boundaries, beyond conditioning.
We’re claiming freedom.
We’re claiming choice.
We’re claiming experiences that fill us with pleasure, fills our bodies with a shimmering vitality, grows our heartfields out into our lives, into our world.

We are changing.
Those of us who choose the awakening.
And those in our lives are changing.
For the energy ripples outwards, sends its waves of expansion into those in our lives.
It changes the very way we look at the world.
The veils of illusion are dropping, new clarity emerges.
And re-emerges.
And re-emerges.
For once your eyes see differently, once your heart begins to open, the light shines brighter. Ever brighter.

The fear is how our world will tremble, shake and change.
For it will change, oh yes it will change.
And we know it can be no other way.
We would have it no other way.

In the awakening we see more of who we are.
We see more of what’s within us.
We see more of what we’re connected to, who we’re connected to, more of what we’re capable of.
We see more of what we’re able to create, to feel, to know.
We see more of the divine spark that dwells inside of us, and see this same spark in others, in so much of the world.
We see more of unity than separation.
We see more of potential than limitation.

And in our awakening we find courage.
Strength to go beyond, strength to create lives of meaning, of purpose.
Lives of magic.
Lives of pleasure, deep pleasure, happiness, fulfilment, joy, celebration…

All that we know, we offer to you as a guide…

This is a time of such excitement, the programmes of Awakening, of healing and growth continuously expand and go deeper, higher. The pleasure experiences take our breath away.
Eros is getting so exciting, the entries we’ve received are just beautiful.
There are still places for Awakening the Erotic Spirit on Fri 23rd, this is shaping up to be such a beautiful and powerful evening, so much fun.

EROS, the Amateur Erotic Film Festival is growing, entries coming in, the excitement growing.
Remember the 1st prize is R10 000 with a host of other prizes.
This is an opportunity for erotic and creative expression. You can wear masks, you can silhouette, you can even just talk. The possibilities are endless. As so many people are exploring their sexuality this is a great opportunity to extend and expand your sexual expression.
Full details at http://www.tantraevolution.com.

We wish you so much pleasure..
Jonti & Anne-Marie


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