Tesla Model S Firmware Update Brings Improved Sleep Mode, Improved Creep, Tow Mode, & More

Tesla Model S Firmware Update Brings Improved Sleep Mode, Improved Creep, Tow Mode, & More (via Clean Technica)

Tesla’s newest firmware update for the Model S is bringing with it some notable improvements — Firmware 5.0 introduces an improved sleep mode, a Tow Mode, the ability to connect to WiFi networks and to tether, a Screen Cleaning Mode, an improved…

  • Tesla’s latest Model S software update gets better sleep mode, Wi-Fi access( Electric car company Tesla has quietly released the latest over-the-air firmware (5.0) update for the Model S, reports Autoblog Green, and it comes with a better sleep mode, as well as other enhancements like the ability for the car to connect with Wi-Fi networks. Story posted at: To leave a comment or share, visit: Tesla’s…

  • Tesla Model S firmware update 5.0 brings the Wifi and better sleep, creep and towing modes( Tesla owners should be receiving a pretty huge over the air update in the coming days which will enable a bunch of new functionality in the car. A Flickr user has updated the release notes. The biggie here is Wifi which allows the Tesla to connect to either a stationary wifi access point or tether to a mobile phone that may have a…

  • Tesla Model S Gets Top Safety Rating( The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has awarded Tesla’s Model S a 5-star safety rating, with the electric sedan smashing a few records in the process According to Tesla Motors, Tesla Model S set a new record for the lowest likelihood of injury to occupants – and that’s compared to “every major make and model approved for…

  • All-Wheel Drive Tesla Model S Coming In 2014?( The Tesla Model S has been universally lauded by critics and magazines, but Elon Musk isn’t resting on his laurels. From a new performance handling package to the promise of a valet mode, Tesla has added new features to the Model S to make it more appealing to more buyers. Rumor has it that next year, all-wheel drive Model S may debut.

  • Report: Oh, the irony! Tesla Model S hits electric pole, causes blackout( Talk to utility grid operators and, for the most part, they will tell you that electric vehicles pose little-to-no threat to the electric grid in the US. Except, sometimes, EVs can make the power go out. Not from the simple act of plugging in and charging, but from a more traditional danger: crashing.

  • Tesla Model S Earns Highest Safety Rating Ever From US Agency( The Tesla Model S earned a 5-star safety rating, both overall and in each individual category, from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The company claims that the Model S achieved a new combined record of 5.4 stars. Around one percent of cars tested by the NHTSA earn five stars in every category.

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