The BitCoin Robot most common questions answered

I’ve got the platinum license and trading for only a few days and these questions are the exact same ones that I have too. So take a listen.

But before you do that, get your own copy of the BitCoin Robot here.

We are really proud to see you amongst our Bitcoin trading pioneers. You took the plunge and will be well rewarded for your decision to join Bitcoin Robot and to let it auto-trade your account!

Now, let me address the most common questions from our members:

Q: I don’t have many trades but my account profit is increasing. How is this possible?

It’s very important to understand that the purpose of Bitcoin Robot is not merely about trading for the sake of trading. The real purpose is to GROW the value of your trading account which includes BTC and USD. When the market is flat, obviously the robot activity is lower. When the market is volatile, that’s when the maximum profit is generated!

You can see in the price chart below the market has been flat the last few days…

Depending on where the Bitcoin price is going, the robot optimally spreads the balance between BTC and USD to make sure it makes the maximum profit possible. This is much more effective (2.5x times more profitable and 3 times less risky) than just “buy and hold forever” strategy. Why? Because the price of bitcoin may go up or may not, but the beauty of the robot is that it does not care about the growth of bitcoin! It remains profitable even when the price goes down! The robot made over 60% of profit on our acc in the last 2 months, irrespective of whether the price of bitcoin grew or not.

The robot is designed to be a complete no-brainer, fully automated solution. It does not require you to babysit, triple-check every trade or force extra trades. Just sit back, relax and let it do its magic. No need to check the robot more often than once a month when you wish to withdraw your profits.

Q: I made a few manual trades and extra deposits but now, the profit shown in my robot is wrong.

It is very important to understand that BTC-e’s API does not let the robot separate your manual money transactions (such as manual trades, extra deposits, etc.) from the real trading. So, it’s best not to mess with the bot’s operations and avoid any manual activity on the BTC-e account that you have allocated to the robot. We suggest that you open a new, fresh BTC-e account, deposit once and let the robot trade. Do not make extra deposits or manual trades or other things to confuse the bot. Just set & forget; let the robot work and do its own thing! You will be glad to see its eventual results and profits.

Q: I already made profit of $398 in the last 10 days. How often should I withdraw?

If you withdraw too often, you will be preventing the robot from maximizing your profits and reinvesting them. You also waste money on withdrawal commissions. We suggest that you withdraw just once in a few months, not every week. This way, you will let the robot reinvest and maximize your profits more effectively.

Q: Why do we work only with BTC-e?

We made a full research of all the bitcoin marketplaces and only BTC-e fits our preferred model of automated profitable trading. The low commissions, fast execution and profitable trading environment makes it a leader in automated trading. They have been online for 2 year already and generate monthly turnovers of over $10 million dollars! They are also very trusted and never had any withdrawal problems. BTC-e is also growing fast and even plans to introduce MT4 trading soon! MtGox does not fit our model due to increased commissions.

Q: I’m anxious to start trading but my funds are still being processed. What can I do to speed things up a bit?

Initially, it may take time to get your BTC-e account to get funded (and we have clearly mentioned this in our robot guide), but do not worry. Your patience will be amply rewarded as soon as your funds come through and the robot begins to trade profitably on your account! Please remember that the Bitcoin market is relatively new in itself and there are more and more exchangers/sellers joining the market every day. Although we have listed a good deal of bitcoin exchangers or processors in our guide, it doesn’t mean that we are affiliated with any of them or involved in their operations… and neither can we intervene on your behalf, as much as we would love to! So, yes, it may take a little time and effort to get started with bitcoins initially because each exchanger/processor has its own rules and limitations, but once your account is all set and funded, you will ROCK with our BTC robot, no doubt about it!

Q: Can I trade Silver robot on my own VPS?

Theoretically yes, you can if your VPS runs Windows Vista / 7 or 8.  Please note that outdated vps systems like Windows 2003 are not supported. However, it is highly recommended to upgrade to Gold plan and run it on our trading VPS instead. For your own VPS, you are paying at least $29.9/month or even more. Some VPS services will charge you $69/month. If you choose the Gold plan, you get a full year of trading with the VPS included. Being a big industrial size client, we have unmatched prices on cloud-hosted trading VPSs of the highest quality, which allows us to provide really inexpensive solutions for just $248! You can’t match that price with retail VPSs that are offered cheap to retail clients but with poor quality and frequent downtimes. If you run on your own even with the cheapest VPS, you are paying $149 for the robot license + 12 months x $29.99 = $508. You can save a lot just by upgrading to our Gold plan instead.

Q: Can I upgrade from Silver to Gold/Platinum?

Of course you can! Trading with the silver robot requires you to always keep your PC on all the time. The internet issues, windows updates and other programs can disturb your trading. For maximum performance, we suggest that you upgrade to Gold or Platinum! If you are a platinum client, you can also have access to top class priority support at

To upgrade, simply login to your account and click the newly introduced Upgrade button in the “Upgrade” tab.

We are glad to report that 98% of people who have already activated their robots and trade at least once a week are already in good PROFIT!!!

I’m the 2%, but only because I joined on Wednesday and the market’s been flat since then.

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