The Essential Guide to Facebook Advertising

After interviewing with offerforge for a Paid Search job opportunity, I got inspired to pretend that I already have the job and have started re-reading Perry Marshall’s Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising.

I’m going to keep updating this post over time to document my leanings from this book and hopefully my successes with this advertising medium. I bought this book on Kindle some months ago, around the time I started at fM Media, but since paid social ads weren’t part of what I was doing on a daily basis, I stopped reading.

Facebook AdvertisingThe time seems ripe now!

Having more experience with Google Adwords and the PPC culture of search marketing, the book warns that thinking in the same way can be disastrous. Facebook is primarily social based and not search, though when Graph Search rolls out, this may change, and the writers stress this kind of advertising lends itself to Right Angle marketing, based on a prospects interests rather than what they’re searching for at present.

If there’s one thing I’ve taken away from my initial cursory reading of this book is that we need to master selling with social or selling on the front porch. From the book:

People do not go to Facebook to search for the answer to a problem. Or to find a product. Or to learn about your service. The front-porch experience is about connecting and exchanging things as simple as a poke or as unexpectedly world-changing as the suicidal death of Mohamed Bouazizi on a Tunisian street that soon spread revolution to the entire Middle East. Can you sell on the front porch? Absolutely. Selling on the front porch is about adding value and engaging the customers so that they want to spend time on the front porch. •

Goog news, Facebook just approved my first ad (in a long time) and I’m actively in the game and learning by doing. As I read in the book, I’ll update my ad periodically.


Click on the image above to go to my landing page, or click here. Though I haven’t bought it yet, this is what I’m assuming the Info Cash system is alluding to. Sending your paid traffic directly to an affiliate offer. That’s what I’ve done for this particular ad. In a follow up  ad, I’ll create a landing tab on my Facebook Page, and send traffic there to test the difference in price and conversions.

I’d love to meet other people involved in paid social media marketing and if this is you, I suggest you leave a comment, or contact me to let me know you’re involved. Let’s collaborate.

If you’d like to make money from being a Perry Marshall affiliate, please click here.

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