The Money Masters Full Movie

The powers of financial capitalism had a far-reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.

Their secret is that they have annexed from governments, monarchies, and republics the power to create the world’s money…” THE MONEY MASTERS is a 3 1/2 hour non-fiction, historical documentary that traces the origins of the political power structure that rules our nation and the world today.

The modern political power structure has its roots in the hidden manipulation and accumulation of gold and other forms of money. The development of fractional reserve banking practices in the 17th century brought to a cunning sophistication the secret techniques initially used by goldsmiths fraudulently to accumulate wealth.

With the formation of the privately-owned Bank of England in 1694, the yoke of economic slavery to a privately-owned “central” bank was first forced upon the backs of an entire nation, not removed but only made heavier with the passing of the three centuries to our day. Nation after nation, including America, has fallen prey to this cabal of international central bankers.

  • The Problem;
  • The Money Changers;
  • Roman Empire;
  • The Goldsmiths of Medieval England;
  • Tally Sticks; The Bank of England;
  • The Rise of the Rothschilds;
  • The American Revolution;
  • The Bank of North America;
  • The Constitutional Convention;
  • First Bank of the U.S.;
  • Napoleon’s Rise to Power;
  • Death of the First Bank of the U.S. / War of 1812;
  • Waterloo;
  • Second Bank of the U.S.;
  • Andrew Jackson;
  • Fort Knox;
  • World Central Bank
  • All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars – Michael Rivero – I know many people have a great deal of difficulty comprehending just how many wars are started for no other purpose than to force private central banks onto nations, so let me share a few examples, so that you understand why the US Government is mired in so many wars against so many foreign nations.

  • FT: Banish fractional reserve banking for real reform An industry that has taken the public for a ride must be made to change its ways, writes Martin Wolf, the Chief Economics Commentator of the Financial Times, in his article ‘Reform of British banking needs to go further’. He criticizes the the proposals of the report by the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards and demands further action…

  • Building A Better Monetary System; Part III In Parts I and II of this series, readers were presented with a bleak reality. We live in hopelessly insolvent economies. We live in societies with totally corrupted systems of politics and commerce.

  • World’s first ever interoperable Arabic mobile money launched The MasterCard, National Bank of Egypt (NBE) and Etisalat have launched the mobile payment wallet in Egypt. The solution becomes the world’s first ever interoperable Arabic mobile money programme. A press release issued today June 25, 2013, said this new programme is an early implementation of the Mobile Payment Solution that MasterCard and…

  • WealthCycles: Bank of England Inflation Via Lending Scheme Falls Flat Be prepared for the next great transfer of wealth. Buy physical silver and storable food. On July 13, 2012, the Bank of England announced the creation of the Funding for Lending Scheme (FLS), designed to increase lending to small businesses and households. Nearly one year on, the program has delivered less than spectacular results and left…

  • Business news and markets: live Ocado sales rise but swings to half-year loss Latest 11.20 Let’s head back to that Treasury Select Committee, where Paul Tucker and others are speaking on financial stability. The deputy governor is asked how worried we should be about household debt. He says: “It would have been hard to reduce the burden of debt given the weakness of…

  • Massive Banking Collapse Imminent Ask yourself: How can something of nothing have value? How can nations thrive on an illusion of value? They don’t. Inevitably, they fail. The game of money is just that – A game. We are printing excessive amounts of paper money out of thin air, further diluting what little value our currency has left.

  • Bank of England’s new governor starts work( People walk past the Bank of England in London’s City financial district, Monday, July 1, 2013. Canadian Mark Carney, the former head of the Bank of Canada and the first non-Brit to run the 319-year-old bank, moves into the bank’s headquarters in…

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