World’s Strangest Fundraisers

Fundraisers are a noble endeavor—attempting to make money, in a myriad of ways, to be used for purposes that are selfless and honorable:  computers for a school’s computer lab, cheerleading camps, band uniforms or Christmas gifts for the poor.  Now, those very virtuous goals aren’t strange by any means, but sometimes the method by which money is secured to reach those goals can be thought of as, perhaps, a bit off the beaten path.

Here are a few interesting fundraisers that refuse to conform to the status quo:

Ferret Racing:

Yes….ferret racing.  It seems the British get credit for thinking up this rather unusual type of fundraiser. Back here in America you might think there would be a problem with securing a half-dozen ferrets for a ferret run, but there are ferret-clubs across the country with members who provide the ferrets and equipment to set up this type of fun-filled activity.   Here’s how it works:  ferrets are placed in roomy, see-through plastic piping that have bends and obstacles within them.  Once the ferrets are placed inside the piping, the entrance is blocked and the ferret handlers place themselves at the opposite end of each length of piping with ferret-friendly noises and enticing treats to persuade the ferrets to get up and start moving!   Each spectator purchases a ticket and places bets on which ferret they believe will win.  Something tells me that Signature Fundraising will not be featuring these any time soon.

Bungee Jumping:

This type of fun raiser has more ‘ups’ than ‘downs’; and one way this type of fundraiser has worked is by holding an official Bungee-Jumping Day.  Advertisements go out a couple months before the big event and people buy tickets ahead of time or at the site.   Sponsors are utilized to cover some of the costs and working with a reputable company who has expertise in this type of endeavor is an absolute necessity.

Hot-Air Balloon Rides:

Hot air balloon rides have been used in a number of school districts as a lucrative way to earn money as part of fundraising campaigns.  Individuals in various communities, who own their own hot air balloons,  provide rides at $20 a person per ride and take in a percentage of the thousands of dollars that can be easily generated in a single day.   When “Balloon Days” hits every fall in a small Iowa town just south of Des Moines, community schools who are involved with the balloon fundraisers haul in a boatload of cash every year to be used for everything from new playground equipment to computers to out-of-state field trips.

Cow-Plop Bingo:

“We have a winner!” – that’s assuming a cow chooses your squared-off piece of ground to relieve itself.  It seems Vermont has an unusual version of fundraising; and it’s called “Cow-Plop Bingo”.   It involves a field in a rural area that has been marked off into squares using white or yellow paint.  Each square is numbered and ‘sold’ for a pre-set amount; and when the big day arrives, several cows are released onto the field and the first cow to do its business on a particular square allows the ‘owner’ of that square to become a winner.  The process repeats itself until a pre-determined number of winners is achieved; and, of course, prizes are given to those lucky winners whose squares get “christened” as cow-plop winners.

Twenty-four Hours In Jail:

Now here is an idea that may not be the best fit for an elementary school fundraiser.  In Adams County, Pennsylvania one can enjoy an all-inclusive, one-day stay at a state-of-the-art prison, compliments of the Adams County Police Department.  For a mere $40 for a one-night visit, one can get the feel of prison life with a spacious 8 by 10 foot room, complete with stainless steel sink and commode, and……an orange jumpsuit.   Want a roommate?  No problem!  Your spouse can share a cell with you, or an older child can accompany his or her parent for a 50% discount—now, that’s a deal that’s hard to pass up.  And if that’s not enough to tempt one into spending the night, two meals are served; and for an additional $5, the good sports who participate become the proud owners of a T-shirt which reads: “I spent the night in jail to help the homeless.”

Womanless Beauty Pageant:

A hockey league in Canada serves an annual spaghetti dinner to help raise money for under-privileged kids so they can attend ‘hockey camps’ during the summer.  But, the money-raising venture doesn’t begin and end with dinner—no, no.  A beauty pageant accompanies the delicious spaghetti feed where some very bold, uninhibited members  of the all-men hockey team dress up as women; and they go all out—make-up, evening gowns, high-heels, wigs and gaudy jewelry.  Each ‘woman’ is responsible for sharing some type of talent, as well.  The food is delicious, the ‘women’ are beautiful, the talent is hilarious and the laughter is non-stop.

Fundraisers—no matter how bizarre or unusual, ya gotta love ‘em!

As the assistant office manager for a web marketing organization, Daniel Holdeman engages as a posting visitor in an effort to benefit commerce from the Mother Land. He lives in CA, and is soaking up life along with his beautiful bride plus their 3 squirts. Mr. H. harkens folks to scan through his G memoirs whenever they get a chance.

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