Youth Empowerment in a Digital Age by Adora Svitak

Talks@Mindvalley, the inspiring speaker series produced by Mindvalley, recently hosted TED Talk speaker and child prodigy, Adora Svitak, in a private talk on “Youth Empowerment in a Digital Age” in our Hall of Awesomeness.

The 15-year-old is already an internationally acclaimed speaker and published author, known for her essays, stories, poems, blogs, and full-length books since the age of seven. Her most recent endeavour was to participate in the XPRIZE Foundation’s Visioneering 2013, an annual event where groundbreaking entrepreneurs, thinkers, inventors and innovators gather to create innovations that will push humanity forward.

Check out this 20-minute exclusive talk by Adora, in which she addresses the effects of technology on youth empowerment, education today and her minor obsession with R2D2 ;-)

  • Adora Svitak – What Adults Can learn From Kids( This is a video we will be viewing and discussing in class. Please feel free to pre- or re-watch it here, and leave any comments below. Keep in mind the following discussion questions when watching the video: Is this a persuasive piece? Why or why not? What was her main argument? Who was her audience? What is the purpose of her argument? Why…

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  • Youth Empowerment – Involving Youth in Strategic Decisions( On the weekend I attended the Scouts Australia International Conference in Canberra. The conference was awesome… and there are many great international scouting opportunities that will come from the conference. However I got the most from the conference from the way that young people were engaged in the discussions.

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  • Future top young entrepenures (Forbes featured article for next month)( Image via CrunchBase Adora Svitak, Writer, Teacher, Activist (Photo credit: XPRIZE Foundation) English: Adora Svitak speaking at The UP Experience 2010 in October 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Bangalore: Entrepreneurship has no bar on age, but nevertheless you get surprised to see some youngsters making it big as entrepreneurs.

  • Lack of information hinders rural youths from accessing empowerment fund – Chisayi( COPPERBELT Provincial Youth Coordinator Ben Chisanyi has said lack of information is hindering youths in rural areas from accessing the Youth Empowerment Fund. In an interview at the just ended Zambia International Trade Fair in Ndola on Monday, Chisanyi said many youths from rural areas of the Copperbelt like Mpongwe, Masaiti and Lufwanyama did…

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