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I was born in Vrededorp, Johannesburg, on the 19th of October 1971. I studied BSc Electrical Engineering at UCT and WITS university and after graduating started working for a bit in industry.

I worked in various capacities as diverse as corporate management consulting, online internet businesses, social entrepreneurial ventures, shamanic healing and investigating the purpose of my being.

My interest in the world around me, and my passion for love and life, has made me a versatile person. I can easily chat to any business partner about our next start-up, and then switch to a healing session with a client, and play the role of spiritual life guide, support my family, friends, or comfort a vulnerable child (my favourite thing to do, I value the appreciation I receive from those so pure.)

The opportunity that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency brings to humanity is very interesting to me, it ushers in the age of the “Internet of Value” and I’m looking forward to seeing a whole host of new opportunities come from this new economy and hopefully true freedom for ordinary people.

I’m (hopefully) always posting on my site and creating new opportunities to earn some more income from being online.

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