About Me

I was born in Vrededorp,  Johannesburg, on the 19th of October 1971. I studied BSc Electrical Engineering at UCT and WITS university and after graduating started working for a bit in industry.

I have always been passionate about social entrepreneurship, and am documenting my adventures with affiliate marketing and Forex Trading to achieve these ends.

I have worked in various capacities as diverse as corporate management consulting, online internet businesses, social entrepreneurial ventures, shamanic healing and investigating the purpose of humanity’s consciousness.

My goal is to reach at least a million of the South African youth and help them with a universal basic income based system built on Stacks.

My interest in the world around me, and my passion for love and life, has made me a versatile person. I can easily chat to any business partner about our next start-up, and then switch to a healing session with a client, and play the role of spiritual life guide, support my family, friends, or comfort a vulnerable child (my favourite thing to do, I value the appreciation I receive from those so pure.)

My career started as a technical sales engineer at Pace Electronic Components, after which I moved to Rapid Blue Interactive, a Gauteng web development and multimedia company.

While there, I worked on solutions for clients and coming up with new ideas to market companies. After a spiritual awakening, I started studying the science and art of healing, and undertook a soul searching and satisfying exploration into the depths of my being.

The Bitcoin opportunity is very exciting though, as it ushers in the age of the “Internet of Value” and I’m looking forward to seeing a whole host of new opportunities come from this new economy.

At the moment I’m volunteering my time as a Chapter Lead at Stacks Africa. I will attend the Clarity Universe, a 6 week course on writing smart contracts in this smart contract language. My main focus is now on promoting Stacks and I hope to lead many African’s to discover the opportunities in this cryptoeconomy.

In my spare time, I am a keen meditator and have two 10 day Vipassana retreats under my belt, seven levels of Kahuna massage trainings and several yoga and danceathons, including the Art of Living Zoo Lake and the Shakti 7-7 on 11/11/2009 all-night vigil.

In a previous website incarnation, I dedicated my time and effort to writing about Forex Trading in South Africa, actively promoting the various brokers and till this day, I get some from them which is adding to the goal of a passive income from my activities online.

Please call or WhatsApp me on (082) 561-4455, contact me via the site.

If you’d like to get some exposure for your product or service with my readers and the online world then please get in touch and lets see how best I can help you.

I’m (hopefully) always posting on my site and creating new opportunities to earn some more income from being online.

Here are my latest post:

Haroun Kola

Where to buy Stacks

A growing list of places; exchanges, DEXs and services to buy or acquire Stacks token

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