Today I’m thrilled to be able to tell you that 48 Brand New Templates have just been added into my favorite video tool called Content Samurai!

Here’s a sneak peek:

This is the BIGGEST UPDATE to Content Samurai since it was first launched – and here’s what makes these new styles so incredibly effective…

  • A vivid highlight box and modern fonts make your videos instantly stand out in social media feeds.
  • Engaging text animations capture attention, while not being too distracting – so your message gets delivered in the clearest and most powerful way possible.
  • Professional color schemes means your videos instantly look like they’ve been designed by a high-end Graphic Design agency (You can also tweak the colors to create Custom Templates that match your business branding)

These stunning new templates are available in both landscape and square format, so they are perfect for creating viral content videos and social media video ads.

To find out how to use these brand new templates to build a massive online audience AND convert your viewers into paying customers, be sure to check out today’s video here:


Happy video making!