Content Samurai now has a brand new feature called “Auto-Voice” which includes 14 artificially intelligent voices that automatically convert text to speech!

This means you can literally go from script to finished video with just a few clicks of your mouse.

This game-changing new text to speech feature means it has never been easier or faster to create videos for your business.

You can check it out here

Recording a voice-over used to be the #1 stumbling block for most people. Here’s why…

  • A lot of people hate the sound of their own voice
  • They have a heavy accent
  • English is their second language
  • They don’t have a microphone
  • It can cost a lot of money to hire a professional voice-over artist.

But the new Auto-Voice feature in Content Samurai removes this stumbling block forever.

This means you can now quickly create professional videos without ever having to pick up a microphone 🙂

So click this link and discover how you can use the all new Auto-Voice feature in Content Samurai to effortlessly create stunning videos for your business.