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What makes Vidnami different?

As you may have heard, the team at Noble Samurai have redesigned Content Samurai to create a brand new video app called… Vidnami

So what makes Vidnami different?

Most video apps these days help you create ads, or short videos for social media.

But remember…

Likes and Shares DON’T pay the bills!

If you’re chasing likes on social media, then you’re missing out on the real power of video.

You see, only Vidnami allows you to create ALL the different types of video you need to:

  • Build a large online audience
  • Engage with your audience so people get to knowlike and trust you
  • Convert more of your audience into paying customers
  • AND deliver your content and training in a professional way

Click here now to watch today’s short demo:

Here’s a list of just some of the videos you can now create with Vidnami.

Viral Influencer VideosYou can create Viral Influencer Videos with automatic captions. These videos extend your reach, build engagement, and allow you to personally connect with your audience.
Content VideosYou can transform your old blog posts into full motion content videos to generate traffic from all the major social platforms.
Video AdsAnd you can quickly create attention grabbing Video Ads to promote your product or service.
Video Sales LettersPlus, you can also make high converting Video Sales Letters to boost your conversions.
Training VideosAnd you can create Online Course videos, and Training Videos to share your knowledge with the world.

And best of all, you don’t need any video editing experience, because Vidnami’s built-in Artificial Intelligence does all of the hard work for you!

To see just how easy it is to create videos with Vidnami, watch today’s short demo here:

I think you’ll love it!


I’m now officially a NAGA partner

Join Our Trading Network

I’ve just joined the NAGA trading community as a partner earning $3 a standard lot. I’m planning on streaming a video to my social channels using this post as an example of how I onboard new brokers to my site and add content to then attract new traders.

If being an IB is of interest then read on, because I’m going to show you everything I do, step-by-step.

The first thing that I do when I’ve signed all the contracts to be a partner is to find my affiliate or IB link and then brand it using or my website. This time I decided to do both and

should both direct to the registration page.

Then I go to Canva and also using Gimp I create images for my blog and a YouTube thumbnail.

I was rather silly and used this picture, pulling a funny face (to see if there was any difference to views on my video. I know I’m opening myself to the ridicule of the wide world, I’m going to learn to have a thick skin and callous everything off my.

This is the part where I am now, write a blog post to house the video and that I can link back to from the various social media channels. Facebook has banned me from linking this site (naughty, naughty) so the network that I have most engagement on is not a great source of web traffic.

I sometimes copy this post to my site so that I can benefit from FB OG, if you follow my jargon, and I also create funky kind of content using the new Gutenberg plugin from WordPress’s repository.

And that is pretty much it for the workflow. I then use OBS and Restream to broadcast to my various channels and then replace the cover image that began this post with the actual video.

I copy and paste this text into the description box of Restream and then I have another piece of content that’s bringing me traffic and hopefully converting into traders with my new partners.

Now it’s my turn to pitch you. If you’d like to receive my guidance in promoting NAGA and joining my trading network, then sign up for an account here and then use the contact form elsewhere on this page to send me a message telling me that you’re interested and I’ll connect you with my account manager and get you started.

You should also follow me on Naga, this is the link to my feed.

Bitcoin Trading

SUSHI YFV & YAMV2 Launched on Huobi

DeFi traders are in for a treat because Huobi has just launched these new tokens for yield farming.

Forex Brokers

Is NAGA About To Launch In South Africa

Since I’ve published this article, I’ve now been accepted as a partner to promote NAGA to my audience.

I really do hope that they get an FSCA license.

Bitcoin Exchange

How To Buy Chainlink on VALR

Buy Chainlink on VALR

Valr is one of South Africa’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange. With a recent series B round of funding from the likes of BitMex and others (I think) they’re going great guns.

To buy Chainlink ($LINK) on Valr is really easy.

First go to to open an account if you don’t already have one.
Next fund your account by making an EFT into their bank account.

Then buy some bitcoin or ethereum with any Rands (ZAR) you have on the platform when the payment clears. (Use the exchange to pay less fees, instructions to come in a separate video)

Buy some LINK using the BTC or ETH you’ve just acquired.

A word of caution though. Watch this video before you make up your mind buying it at the moment.

Bitcoin Trading

Getting Up To 35% Commission From ByBit

Get $90 to start trading by opening an account here:

Sign Up as an affiliate and start promoting bybit here:

Bitcoin Trading

How To Buy Polkadot $DOT on Binance

If you’re like me and FOMOing into $DOT at the moment and wanting to take advantage of the potential in this coin then please watch this video and learn how to buy DOT on Binance. I’ve been watching Lark Davis as I don’t know anything about the DeFi space and his content seems very level headed.

Watch his latest video here.

First, you need to have an account on Binance, please use the link below

Or you could use Kraken (best for citizens of the USA)

If you already have or once you successfully open an account, you need to fund it. South African citizen can use a Mastercard (either debit or credit card) to buy your crypto from them, the easiest pair to buy is BTCUSD, but there are other pairs that you can buy for your ZAR too.

Then navigate to the “Markets” tab and search for DOT in the search bar. You will then see the available pairs to buy Polkadot and add it to your crypto-portfolio.

Forex Brokers

M4Markets – The Offshore Regulated Broker

M4Markets is a regulated CFD broker offering clients the opportunity to trade on the worlds key global market.

Regulated by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority, M4Markets’ values are to put the customer first and offer them a safe, clear and transparent trading experience. M4Markets offers its website in 4 languages and has an excellent clear and easy use client portal.

M4Markets is regulated as a Securities Dealer by the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (licence number SD035).

M4Markets is open to all clients globally except residents of certain jurisdictions such as USA, Canada, Iran, Cuba, Sudan and North Korea. The website is in English, Italian and Chinese with other languages coming.

New clients can register on:

Trading Accounts from M4 Markets

M4Markets offers the account types that suit both new and experienced traders:

Standard account: Minimum deposit of $50 combined with low spreads from 1.1.

VIP account: Get VIP treatment with a low minimum deposit of $500, competitive spreads from 0.0, and commission of $3.5 each side.

ELITE account: For professional traders there is the Elite account with minimum deposit of $5,000, competitive spreads from 0.0, and commission of $2.5 each side.

Max leverage 1:500.
Minimum lots from 0.01.
Accounts are available in EUR & USD.

Trading instruments

M4Markets offers over 165 assets

Forex: 70 currency pairs
Commodities: 6 different commodities offered. Energies and Metals.
Indices: 13 spot indices offered from all major stock exchanges.
Equites: Over 60 shares from US and EU Stock exchanges.
Futures: 15 index futures and 1 currency future offered.
Crypto: 5 of the highest traded cryptocurrencies.

Spreads and Commissions

M4Markets offers very low spreads and commission across all instruments

The Introducing Brokers Program

The M4Markets Introducing Brokers (IB) Program offers you the opportunity to introduce new clients, earn generous commissions (based on USD per lot or revenue share), commissions paid in real time, no restrictions on trading volumes or number of clients, and also partner with an industry leading regulated broker.

Trading platforms

MT4 desktop : Designed for Forex and CFDs traders of all skill levels, the MT4 desktop platform enables you to access a large set of trading and analytical functions from your home or work computer easily, consistently and efficiently, allowing you to focus on your trading strategies.

Available for computer desktops running on Windows and Mac operating systems, you can perform real-time advanced analyses on financial markets and manage your trading positions in an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface that is fast and secure.

MT4 mobile: Use the mobile application of the MT4 on your smartphone and tablet devices to enjoy the world’s most popular platform and access the financial markets at the palm of your hand.

Available for Android (via Google Play) and iOS (via App Store),
you can gain immediate access to a broad set of technical analysis tools and graphics, monitor the financial markets and execute trading orders with ease directly from your mobile device.

Deposits and withdrawals

They have multiple deposit methods based such as Neteller, Skrill, Jeton, Union Pay, RPN and Bankwire. M4Markets process withdrawals within 24 hours.

Customer support

The customer support services that you will find on the website
are available 24/5, and their agents speak in different languages such as English, Chinese, Italian etc. You can also reach them via email at

Forex Brokers

VaLaTech: Setup Your Own Brokerage Seamlessly & Cost Effectively

Have you heard about the massive amounts of money to be made in forex trading and want to start your own Forex Brokerage in South Africa?

The South African market is increasingly becoming aware of forex trading and many prospective traders are entering the field to try their luck speculating in the market.

With Valatech Fintech solution, you have a high level of internal branding only your brand will be on the platform.

To apply for a free demo at your convenience, please fill in the form below

Fill in Your Contact Details For A Free Demo


The Ultimate Guide About Bitcoin Based Remittances for Africans

Reading from this article posted at:


My Live Trading Account on RMDTrader Is Now Following The Bot

So today was very exciting for me. In addition to the new home office I’ve converted one of the bedrooms of my mom’s house into, my friend who writes trading robots has developed.

In the video above, I log into my account and show you the trading results of the robots trades.

If you’d like to start trading with RMD Trader, then please click here and open an account.

Mirror Trading International

My First Big Withdrawal from MTI

To sign up and join my team, I will help you become binary qualified by promoting your link. The same way that I’m promoting this link from someone in my team.