Bitcoin is pure internet money, freeing us from the tyranny of fiat currency which is being printed into worthlessness.

Created and first mined in 2009, its now a worldwide phenomenon, but still an experiment though one that’s getting a bit of momentum behind it now.

Since the bull run of 2013 when it first breached $1000 and especially in 2017, when it peaked at $20,000, bitcoin has captured the imagination of people just now beginning to understand the scam of our current monetary system.

If you want to buy some

How to buy bitcoin in South AfricaSo the first place to start after you’ve read a bit about this cryptocurrency is to own some and if you’re not mining bitcoin to create and own some some, then you need to buy some.

How to trade cryptocurrency

Trade digital currencyIf you’re interested in speculative trading, then there are some excellent resources to trade bitcoin that are now available 24/7/365/.

Some though, don’t even have any fiat money to buy or trade it and for them there are a few ways to earn bitcoin for free.

Earning bitcoin online

Earn Free BitcoinOne in particular pays you to receive emails.

Its mostly from ICOs that are launching, because that’s the big hype currently in the industry right now, but it does pay some reasonable money.

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The Nature Of Price Declines In Bitcoin. How To Spot The End Of The Parabolic Bull Market

The Nature Of Price Declines In Bitcoin. How To Spot The End Of The Parabolic Bull Market

In this video Parabolic Trav describes what to look out for to spot when the parabolic growth in the price of bitcoin could end. Watch this presentation to find out what has happened to the price previously during the epic 2017 bull run as price dipped by 20-40% or crashed to atleast 50%. Learn what to look out for that tells us that this parabolic trend is finally at its end and we should expect a long term consolidation or price to fall back down to earth’s atmosphere from its way to the moon.