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Bitcoin is magic internet money, freeing us from the tyranny of fiat currency which is currently being printed into worthlessness with the new experiment called Modern Monetary Theory.

Go and buy bitcoin now before it all goes to s$#t. Or let me help you buy your first bitcoin from BitVice. Or if you need any other help, check this out.

Created and first mined in 2009, it’s now a worldwide phenomenon, but still, an experiment though one that’s getting a bit of momentum behind it now.

Since the bull run of 2013 when it first reached $1,000 and especially in 2017, when it peaked at $20,000, bitcoin has captured the imagination of people.

Now in June 2022, as I update this page, Bitcoin has crashed from the highs of November 2021 and price is around the previous high of 2017. At $20,000.

I was previously seduced by the smart contract platform Stacks 2.0 and then decided to volunteer for them. The bear market and losing over 90% of the value of my investments into CityCoins was sobering and made me realise that I know nothing about this shitcoin casino industry and even though these projects may still turn out well in the future, I should simplify my life and just focus my attention on Bitcoin.

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