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Bitcoin is pure internet money, freeing us from the tyranny of fiat currency which is being printed into worthlessness.

South Africa Cryptocurrency BlogsCreated and first mined in 2009, it's now a worldwide phenomenon, but still, an experiment though one that's getting a bit of momentum behind it now.

Created in the aftermath of the economic crises of 2008 which only saw a recovery to the elites bankers and their friends, most people are now beginning to understand the scam of our current monetary system.

Buy Bitcoin

The first place to start after you've read a bit about this cryptocurrency is to own some and if you're not mining bitcoin to create and own, then you need to buy some.

How To Earn Bitcoin Online

There are a few ways to earn bitcoin for free, though you will not earn a lot from them.

A much better idea is to learn about bitcoin affiliate programs and earn them by putting in some effort (and you will be richly rewarded if you do it right.)

Trading Bitcoin with margin

The most lucrative (but also very risky) wasy to earn bitcoin is to trade bitcoin with leverage. Leverage is a process of "borrowing" money for placing your trades and it magnifies any potential winners or losers so approach it with care.

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Latest Bitcoin Industry News

How to accept Bitcoin in Retail?

How do you get Bitcoins to the cash register at bakeries, kiosks and other small retailers? We explain how you can accept Bitcoins in five minutes, what there is to keep in mind – and why the BitBucks Wallet is already designed to pay with bitcoin in retail?

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Can Bitcoin Replace Government-Issued Money?

“Bitcoin is poorly suited to the purpose of becoming any nation’s main medium of exchange.”

That was the topic of a public debate hosted by the Soho Forum in New York City on August 12, 2019. It featured George Selgin, director of the Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives at the Cato Institute, and economist Saifedean Ammous, author of The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking (2018). Soho Forum Director Gene Epstein moderated.

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