Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies from these affiliate Programs. From exchanges to trading platforms and other ways to earn online.

The days of mining bitcoins, getting free sats from faucets, or even buying bitcoin on the cheap are pretty much over but if YOU want to still get bitcoin without paying lots of money, then what can you do?

You can earn it. From affiliate marketing.

I’ve been doing so since 2013 when I bought my first bitcoin and I think that you can do so too.

In this article, I document some of the Bitcoin affiliate programs that I’m earning from and how you can start stacking sats too.

Bitfinex Affiliate Program

Bitfinex is by far my most lucrative bitcoin-related affiliate program to date.

I got lucky in early 2013 when bitcoin exchange related SEO was quite easy and people were hungrily looking for a referral code to pay less fees for a month.

Earnings are directly deposited into your trading account and they have a three tier system so you can even earn from the people that you refer.

This is what I’m hoping to grow into a community of online content creators. Want to join?

bybit banner

bybit Affiliate Program

bybit recently announced that they were bumping up commissions to 35% of fees charged and giving you 10% of commissions of your referral’s referrals, so yet another two-tier system and thus one I believe you should be signing up with immediately.

bybit is a futures trading platform and is a useful tool for those advanced traders looking to take advantage of the price volatility in cyryptocurrency.


Coinmama Affiliate Program

Coinmama charges people a large commission to buy bitcoin using their credit cards.

Like a whole lot, a tremendous amount. They’re like the pushy and dodgy dealers exchanging cash in tourist hot spots.

Send them customers, they will pay you.

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