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Did you miss the boom in the early days when mining bitcoin could still be done on your computer & each block reward was 50 BTC or bought bitcoin when the price was less than a dollar each but still want to get some bitcoins?

Then these affiliate programs below will help you earn bitcoins. In this article I list the programs I’m using to grow my little stash of coin and prepare for hyperbitcoinization.

SimpleFx. Leveraged Currency Trading Platform

SimpleFx is a Contract For Difference (CFD) trading platform that allows users to trade currencies (crypto as well as traditional forex), stocks and commodities. You earn money from the “spread” of the trades that your referred traders place.

They pay out in bitcoin and have a multi-tier affiliate system, so that you can also earn passive income from referring other affiliates.

ICE3X The African Bitcoin Exchange

ICE3X (pronounced Ice Cubed) is a cool place to buy your bitcoin if you’re an African, its an even cooler place to earn an affiliate income if you’re an online marketer. Sign up here to open an account with ICE3X, navigate to their affiliate section on the site and get your affiliate link to send to your peeps.

Earn a percentage of the fees your traders pay for their trading activity and convert it into bitcoin or any of their other supported cryptos and you’re good to go.

Coindirect – Peer to Peer Bitcoin Exchange Platform

Coindirect is another bitcoin exchange which allows people to buy and sell bitcoin.

Coindirect is now live in 25 countries and allows traders of multiple digital currencies in countries like United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya Ghana and many more to sell their coins directly to buyers in their country.

You can earn up to 20% in commission in real-time and you get paid out daily, Earnings are in the base currency that your friend buys in and commission for your referrals’ lifetime.

SpectroCoin. A Cryptocurrency Exchange & Blockchain Wallet

SpectroCoin is secure and easy to use web-based bitcoin wallet for buying, selling, sending, receiving, and storing Bitcoins. In essence they’re an exchange, wallet, payment processor and they offer a debit card.

Recommend SpectroCoin to your friends and earn 10% from all exchange fees paid by your referrals. The payout is made every day and the minimum payout is 1 EUR. I normally convert all my earnings into BTC as soon as I can. Bitcoin Exchange and Trading is established in London in 2013, a leading cryptocurrency exchange which offers Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash and other coins.

In addition to an exchange (which allows your referrals to buy the mentioned crypt with a credit card) they offer a margin trading platform. Margin trading platforms are very lucrative for affiliate marketers, as traders love the opportunity to grow their holdings via leverage trading.

Changelly instant cryptocurrency exchange

Changelly allows you to change one cryptocurrency immediately into another. The service acts as a mediator between trading cryptocurrency platform and users providing a wide range of digital assets for a seamless exchange.

Their affiliate program has a revenue share of 50% forever. They’ve got a nifty little widget (see below) that allows users to change cryptos. In my example, you can change your Bitcoin immediately into Monero.



Bitbond. Profitable bitcoin lending. Global small business loans

Bitbond is a website that allows small business to find bitcoin denominated loans. You earn bitcoins from users who arrive to the site through your affiliate link, sign up and get a loan or invest successfully.

Borrower commission: 20% x the origination fee. Lender commission: 30% x share of the loan the user funded x the origination fee, eg.

Two users, brought to the Bitbond website via your affiliate link, register (one borrower and one lender).

Both are involved in the same loan, one borrowing and the other lending, with a term of 12 months and an amount of 20 BTC. This loan generates a 2.0% origination fee on the loan volume. You earn a 20% commission on this origination fee from the borrower and 30% commission on the origination fee from the lender.

In total 50% of the Bitbond fee. Your earned sum is 0.2 BTC. users get paid each time they read and respond to an email from someone who will pay to get their message read. In 2017 and half of 2018, it was filled with people promoting their ICOs and paying you $1 or $2 to read their message.

Sometimes, however, gems like this one, (in the picture) paying $10, show up.

Most of the emails are in the form of a survey, which ask if you’re interested in yet another ICO, asking you to follow their twitter handle, join their telegram groups and reading their white papers.

Their affiliate or referral program earns you $1 for each person that you refer to them.

Sign up for an account here.

Bitfinex Affiliation

This is by far my most lucrative bitcoin related affiliate program to date and I’m still earning a regular income from them BUT they’re not taking on any new clients via my affiliate link 🙁

Earnings are directly deposited into your trading account, its relatively easy to promote this platform and more people are learning about this bitcoin exchange which has recently over taken Bitstamp in volume. is the link to go to sign up an account.

You have to get in touch with support and request acceptance into the program and then wait until it happens but thereafter you’re given a referral code and anyone using this code qualifies for a discount off their trading fees for a month, but you earn a commission from said fees in perpetuity (I think)

You can also find other bitcoin affiliate programs at our friend’s website.

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