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GetGems for iOS is now on the Apple iOS app store as GetGems, with all of the messaging functionality of Telegram plus a full Bitcoin Wallet.

Users of the Android GetGems app are saying that this is the best bitcoin mobile wallet, with simple, secure payments and intuitive messaging. iOS users are now able to share the experience.

All GetGems users are now able to easily earn money and transfer value using this free, wallet messaging app. No technical knowledge is required. Spending and receiving Bitcoin and Gems is as simple as sending a text.

Typing 8 keystrokes as your message such as “0.01 BTC” or “100 GEMS” is all it takes to send money anywhere in the world! Invite someone to use GetGems and when your referral is used by them to sign up, you are rewarded with GEMS, the in-app currency which is valued and tradeable in Bitcoin or USD.

Adding friends and family to the app is a great way to introduce Bitcoin and encourage widespread adoption by starting with those closest to you.

“Having both iOS and Android versions available much earlier than we anticipated is a testament to the development team’s abilities,” explains Daniel Peled, GetGems’ CEO. “We are now able to devote our efforts to the attention economy and referral system, within the GetGems app.”

Earlier this year the GetGems team raised $1.2M though the combination of a successful crowdfunded token sale and a direct $400K investment from Magma VC based in Israel, well known for their role in the success of products such as Waze which was purchased by Google for $1.1B in 2013. This iOS release puts the product development 2 months ahead of schedule, leaving the GetGems team to focus on the advertising platform and other unique features.

For more information please contact: Daniel Peled, CEO – daniel@getgems.org skype: peled1986 # # # # GetGems.org is a registered tradename of Mobile Decentralized Applications Ltd. 2014

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