Trade On SPECTRE. The World’s First Brokerless Financial Platform

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Trading Smart Options and Smart CFDs.

I’ve made a whole affiliate marketing business promotion forex brokers, but when I heard about SPECTRE disrupting this industry, I was thrilled rather than scared of the future.

Basically, SPECTRE¬†((speculative tokenized trading exchange)) allows you to trade the financial markets without a traditional “broker”.

Unlike traditional brokers, it sits on top of the Ethereum blockchain meaning that it is truly broker-less and decentralised.

You can choose to trade directly from an Ethereum wallet and never deposit at SPECTRE to trade.

SPECTRE’s liquidity pool (i.e balance sheet) is owned by token holders who receive dividends based on the traded volume in SPECTRE and not by a centralised management.

I’m one of those token holders, I invested in their ICO when it launched, so I’m invested in having more people use this platform, but beyond that fact, I’m very interested in this new age of decentralised systems and organisations.

You can start with as little as $10 worth of Ethereum to trade, payouts are as high as 200% ROI on the smart options (the equivalent of Binary Options) and this is something that I think its definitely going to shake up the markets in the future.

Look out for upcoming posts about SPECTRE and my experiences trading with them.

If you’d like to be a pioneer and trade with them, then click here now.

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