It’s really easy to use Whaleclub. From the moment you deposit bitcoin or dash, you’re up and running. Then, with a click, Long if you think price will go up, or Short if you think it will go down. Submit and close trades in milliseconds.

Everything about Whaleclub is designed to work beautifully and exactly as you expect.

Whaleclub is packed with brilliant features. Instant, 0-confirmation deposits. Low-latency execution. Low-cost spreads. Integrated news, analysis, and trading ideas.

Free and unlimited demo trading. And a stunning trading dashboard.

Because Whaleclub is specifically engineered to run on digital currency instead of fiat, everything feels fluid and fast.

Just click to trade, and browse the latest news and analysis right from your dashboard. And say goodbye to the pain of partial execution and slippage.

All trades are executed fully at the prices that are quoted. No other trading platform is so effortless and natural. Whaleclub offers a trading experience that stands apart.

When digital currency blends with worldwide markets, something really special happens.

The trading dashboard is as elegant as it is powerful. Easily set take profit levels, stops, and trailing stops that work exactly as you expect.

Whaleclub also offers turbo trading. It’s a super-charged form of trading where you forecast the direction of price on 1-min to 5-min timeframes and get paid up to 75% of your investment in profit if you’re right.

Privacy and security are at the core of everything Whaleclub makes.

100% of customer funds are secured in offline cold wallets. 2-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security.

And high-grade encryption ensures the privacy of sensitive information.

Click here to start trading with Whaleclub now.

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