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How Yours Makes It Easy For Content Creators To Get Paid For Producing Good Content

Just post a link to your content on yours, and people can start sending you bitcoin.

There’s one catch – the people doing the paying aren’t just tipping you. They are investing in your content, and get a portion of subsequent payments.

When each endorser pays, they pay the content creator and one random earlier endorser.

Endorsers have a reason to find and pay good content – not only are they supporting a good content creator, but they may also profit from doing so.

Yours is a product based on Datt, the open-source, decentralized network for content sharing with integrated bitcoin payments.



Yours was written from scratch at the LAUNCH Hackathon, Feb. 26 – 28, 2016.

The idea for “investing” in content comes both from Clemens Ley and independently from Coinbase. Yours is written in javascript, and runs in node.js and a web browser.

Datt is a dependency and is used for the bitcoin wallet, content format, and digital signatures and hash functions.

The Yours LAUNCH Hackathon team consists of Ryan X. Charles, Steven McKie, Anupam Mishra. The logo was created by Chris Robinson.


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