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The Bitcoin Phenomenon

Produced by recently launched internet cable brand SQ1 (pronounced square one), “The Bitcoin Phenomenon” explores the groundbreaking aspects of digital currency.

Filled with interviews with some of the crypto community’s best and brightest, the half-hour long video gives a glimpse into the Bitcoin ecosystem by exploring what makes the cryptocurrency special, while also providing narrative regarding technology, legislation, important political implications and what those interviewed envision for the future.

The idea for The Bitcoin Phenomenon came about a year ago, when founder of SQ1, Bhu Srinivasan, was introduced to the idea of Bitcoin from a friend and decided to explore it further.

Although not a Bitcoiner at heart, Srinivasan knew that the Bitcoin conversation was just getting started and chose to get a crew together and shoot at the Bitcoin Conference in San Jose last year. SQ1 reached out to individuals they thought would make perfect guests for the interviews, each of whom had a different background and expertise within the digital currency space.



Of those featured in the video are well-known individuals within the community including, Bitcoin core developer Gavin Andresen; venture capitalist Jeremy Liew; Coinapult CEO Erik Voorhees; Peter Vessenes, Head of the Bitcoin Foundation; Co-Founder of Coinbase Fred Ehrsam; medicinal marijuana activist Steve Kubby and Buttercoin CTO Bennett Hoffman.

Also interviewed are crypto-anarchists including, Trace Mayer and founder of Antiwar.com, Angela Keaton.

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