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How To Get A Universal Basic Income From ProjectUBU

People have been speaking about a Universal Basic Income for a while now and with the great inequalities in our present day monetary system, this is becoming more needed.



Enter ProjectUBU which promises to give everyone who applies a basic income after they launch. You can become a “citizen” to earn a daily income in UBUs.

You can also sign up to be a “node” and refer other people to this income opportunity and stand in line to earn even more for your efforts.

I thought this was an exciting opportunity and so I’ve decided to sign up as one.

With the UBU projected to be between $4 and $10 at launch, this could be a nice way of people a little bit of an extra income (or many people a basic income) for some time to come.

On enrolment, you will be allocated your 100 UBUs per day from the date of enrolment.

You can also earn for referring your friends by building your UBU community.

All accrued UBUs will be calculated from the date of enrolment and allocated to you on UBU launch date (Estimated March/April 2018).

I plan on doing this in addition to my current business, which is already starting to earn me a passive income. Its always been a passion of mine to help people become financially free and since I’m on the road already, its time to give back to the community.

Check it out here and let me know in the comments if its something you’d like to be involved in.

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