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I'm dedicating this part of my site to my community of friends and others who've helped and supported me become who I am and helped me grow my website and online business.

I'm spending lots of time these days building this website, promoting my business in forex trading and writing in my blog, and I'd like to help others with the skills I've learned in online marketing.

I'm giving 5 lucky people the chance to be featured in these pages for free and thereafter I will be charging a nominal fee of R250 to have your business featured on these pages.

In addition, you will get your message sent out to my over 3000 "friends" on Facebook, over 8000 followers on Twitter and over 9000 LinkedIn connections.

I'm a bit picky who I chose, but contact me now and you may just get your business featured here.

Haroun Kola's Community


When: Monday 13 July 2015
Where: St Peter’s Anglican Church, 8 Walton Avenue, Auckland Park
Time: 6.30pm to 8pm
Investment: R100 per class for dancers with a solid income / R70 for those whose incomes are irregular / R50 for students
Bring drinking water and wear comfortable clothes that you can freely move in. There is secure off-street parking with a car guard, so please come join us.
anita van der merwe

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Cultural India Yoga Escape – 2nd to the 14th November 2015

India is a land of ancient wisdom and sacred practices born out of ancient Vedic philosophies. India has given the world the deep knowledge and practice of Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation. It is a land with a soul and its manifestations are deeply spiritual whether those are via its classical music, dance or art. We invite you to experience an exclusive retreat in the coconut groves of South Goa and a train ride to the Vijayanagara ruins in the village of Hampi in Karnatakato become spiritually energised, to detoxify and rejuvenate.

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