Forex Trading

Forex trading is deceptively simple to get involved in, but also notoriously easy to lose ALL your money.

Read the articles below, that I've written while I am learning the art of trading, to help you become a consistently profitable trader but first,

Are you still looking for a Forex Broker?

If you're still looking for a broker, then you can find reviews of all the brokers that I've come across here, or read some of the latest news from my favourite brokers:

Favourite Forex Broker

Managed Forex Accounts

You can either trade yourself or you can find someone to trade your account for you.

On this page, you can find all the information about the managed accounts solutions that I've investigated.

Forex Courses

For the braver, you might want to take full responsibility of your trading account and not rely on another person to do it for you.

Here you can find a few free forex courses in the ebook that I recently wrote or you can try investigate some of the paid courses that I've checked out.

There's one that's not listed, out of respect to my mentor that asked me not to have his link there. Its the method that I am personally trading (I'm still a beginner)

How To Be An Introducing Broker

To tell you the truth, I make more money from being an introducing broker or a referral agent for the brokers that I partner with.

They'll either pay you a once off fee for each trader you refer that successfully starts trading a funded live account or pay you a portion of the "spread" or even a combination of both a CPA (Cost per Action) plus a portion of the spread.

Go to this page to find out how.

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Interview with Justin Paulsen

JP Prime is a new division focused on our Introducing Broker program. You can still be a regular IB if you choose, but if you want to climb the ladder to the very top then JP Prime is for you.

BEATING industry benchmarks trading in the financial markets

Here is a conversation between me and my mentor, Morgan Sampson. We discussed my progress in his MSE Alfa Portfolio, the ZAR based portfolio. He also has a USD and a new GBP based portfolio available who would like to try those. We hope to have these sessions monthly talking about the growth of the portfolio and the trade opportunities that's come up.


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