Last week I embarked on a new income generating adventure. Finally, I believe (once again) that I’ve ended my search for the ideal vehicle to earn a passive income and that the documents I signed last week, will lead me to realising the dream of so long ago.

Now that I’ve opened a live account, completed all the documentation and connected my account to MQL5, though still working out the MyFxBook account credentials to get a doubly verified proof of what the effect on the account is. Using Opera, I’ve also managed to create YouTube videos with Hangouts on Air once again and I have a feeling that my work is cut out over the next few weeks or so to keep doing them and seeing how many people I can reach that way.

I’m also creating a new home page, one exclusively for copytrading and one that I’m hoping will convert really well and lead many people to my IB links and trying out this offer with me. Posts in this category will appear on the front page too, isn’t that clever, thanks DIVI.

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