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One of the most important relationship you have in forex trading will be with your broker.

Most of the forex brokers listed beloware great for beginners traders & some only require a small minimum deposit to start trading.

This is ideal for those traders who wish to practice learning trading. It takes a long time to master and perfect the art and its better to try with a small account, which you can afford to lose then with a large trading account.

Others offer free training and regular webinars to help with your education and to understand what the market is doing at the moment.

More advanced traders looking for ECN, STP or NND brokers can find them here too. Their offers include narrow spreads, free Forex VPS services to qualifying traders or trading via an API for lightning fast connection to the trading servers.

Some of the best forex brokers that are safe for you to trade with

Most of the forex brokers linked below have proven themselves in the market place with their longevity. Most of them are B-Book brokers though, so they only appeal to beginners. Most brokers these days are B-Book, its hard to find a truly A-Book Broker, but this one is my favourite and you'll have to contact me personally to find out why I like them.

In the meantime, click through below to find out more about them:

BlackStone Futures


Read more about BlackStone Futures here



Read more about FXPRIMUS here.

CM Trading


Read more about CM Trading here

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  • Dukascopy
  • Swiss Markets

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