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Blackstone Futures

Trade with one of the best brokers in South Africa

They’re one of the best brokers in South Africa, in my opinion, and they have an interesting and unique copy trading service in addition to the excellent service, cost effective spreads and dedication to trader information and support.

Since their launch in 2009, trader feedback has been nothing but positive.

If you are looking for an ECN/STP/Non-market maker which allows you to fund and trade in ZAR, then Blackstone Futures is for you.

No currency conversion fees!
No commissions!

Blackstone Futures make withdrawals just as quick as depositing, with next day withdrawals.

 Their offices are  in The Mall Offices next to Rosebank Mall.

visited them in 2017 when they were located in The Business Exchange in Rivonia, but now I’m glad that I can visit more often.

Top notch educational material combined with a morning Daily Market Commentary to broaden your outlook.

Their resident expert shares his knowledge and expertise surrounding the Financial Markets with daily market updates on currency pairs, commodities of interest and the major indices of the world’s major markets.

Because I trade my own live account with them, I’ve written a review, read that if you’re interested in trading with them.

How You Can Partner with BlackStone Futures

Open an account to trade, or promote them to other traders who also appreciate getting the best conditions.

Blackstone Futures

Market Outlook Commentary – 28 February 2019

The growing tension between Pakistan and India will obviously hinder equity sentiment, and emerging markets will be keeping an eye out on the developments on this story.

Blackstone Futures

Market Outlook Commentary – 09 January 2019

The market continued to monitor US – Chinese trade negotiations and the dollar spent most of the day weaker against the major currencies. It is understood that the US are confident that a settlement on trade with China is likely, but there is going to have to be far reaching structural changes and compliance which will prove to be more challenging.

Blackstone Futures

BlackStone Futures Market Insight Commentary 21 August 2018

Donald Trump yesterday reiterated that he did not agree with the path that the Fed are taking on interest rates. Supposedly, the Fed should be an independent body and so let’s see if his comments has any influence.

Blackstone Futures

Market Insights Commentary 27 July 2018

The FX market still looks void of any trading opportunities to me and so I continue to look at the Indices with the DAX in particular looking enticing this morning.

Blackstone Futures

Forex & Market Insight Commentary for 19 July 2018

A mixed bag yesterday meant that the dollar may have been strong during the morning session but started to battle to keep the momentum going once North America had started rolling in.

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