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BlackStone Futures is an FSCA Regulated Broker

They're one of the best brokers in South Africa, in my opinion, and they have an interesting and unique copy trading service in addition to the excellent service, cost effective spreads and dedication to trader information and support.

I'm involved with three of their copy trading accounts at time of writing. They are listed below.

  1. Iremia - Is the nominee account where I gift R250 free copy trading accounts to try out this innovative new system.
  2. MS E Alfa - Traded by my mentor Morgan Sampson of the MS Equities Trading Academy, this is his public portfolio that the public can follow. It aims to return 20% a year, but there are no guarantees.
  3. WolfCap - This is the first algorithmic trading robot that I've been lucky enough to come across. This one returns 2-2.5% per month, and I hope will be a source of regular withdrawable income for myself really soon.

Regulation (*yes, it matters)

Blackstone Futures is regulated by the FSB with registration number 38782.

Since their launch in 2009, trader feedback has been nothing but positive.

If you are looking for an ECN/STP/Non-market maker which allows you to fund and trade in ZAR, then Blackstone Futures is for you.

No currency conversion fees!
No commissions!

Blackstone Futures make withdrawals just as quick as depositing, with next day withdrawals.

 Their offices are  in The Mall Offices next to Rosebank Mall.

 I visited them in 2017 when they were located in The Business Exchange, inRivonia. 

Expert or Beginner, they offer a solid platform to grow as a trader.

Top notch educational material combined with a morning Daily Market Commentary release to broaden your outlook.

Their resident expert shares his knowledge and expertise surrounding the Financial Markets with daily market updates on currency pairs, commodities of interest and the major indices of the world's major markets.

Because I trade my own live account with them, I've written a review from my own experience, so consider that if you're interested in trading with them.

How You Can Partner with BlackStone Futures

Open an account to trade, or promote them to other traders who also appreciate getting the best conditions.

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